Friday, 31 October 2014

The Game of Bullying

The beautiful month of October comes to an end. Whatever begins ends. I am without any beginning therefore I am infinite and immortal. Crickets are singing in chorus. Moderately cold pleasant and soothing breeze is blowing and crescent Moon is singing lullabies.

A student came to meet me the other day. He is a meek little fellow harassed by  bullying. Not only do his fellow classmates harass him but also his teachers do. The world seems to be an alien field full of booby traps to him. He is fed up by swear words of his classmates. He finds sexual talks of his classmates too indiscreet and it causes discomfiture for him. I understood his problem and advised him. I asked him to give up all defence and resistance and face the wind. I asked him to become part of his classmates' circle. I asked him to give up the idea that he is in any way purer and more innocent than the others around him. I suggested him to realize that things are the way they're because of his attitude towards them. I told him that he is harassed because of his complex of superiority and not because everyone around him is a badass. The attitude to consider his classmates bad guys is not going to solve his problems in the long run. The consideration to withdraw from the current school and take admission into a different one is not going to solve your problems because you would find same people everywhere, as they exist in your head, I said! It's so because bad guys exist in your head and not outside. If you continue with this attitude you would always see world as a hostile place. Just accept your classmates and friends the way they're and don't judge them...share lunch with them and spend time with them and soon you will see that there would be no bullying whatsoever. 

The problem is in bifurcating the personalities. The child is taught that using swear words is bad and you should not learn about sexual things. You should not know exactly how a child is born. The child is fed-up with nonsense fairy tales about these things. He assumes whatever his parents are teaching him is absolute Truth but then he notices that people around him including his father and uncle use swear words and he develops a bipolar disorder. There is a bad guy who uses the swear words and then there is a good guy who considers himself goodie two shoes and regards his mates as bad guys because they use swear words and they talk about sex. This divided child struggles his way to become a divided adult. The world remains that for him---a hostile bullying cabal. The soultion is--make a whole of his psyche--tell him what is what as soon as you could. Tell him to accept things as they are not to develop a judgmental attitude. He would develop a conflict free personality at ease with himself and others this way! 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Enter The Void : One of the best movies I have ever seen!

This is a real mind bender. It's one of the most mind-boggling movies I have ever watched. This movie is a big acid trip. This movie is an out of body experience. This movie is a subliminal experience. This movie is a profound spiritual experience! This movie is an account of witnessing consciousness. 

The speciality of movie is its first hand narrative. The narrative is first hand not in the sense that there is just one lead or subject narrating the events-but rather you see that camera moves as if a person is looking at events and that perspective remains consistent throughout.

You realize that actually your eyes move like a camera in coordination with each other but apart from some trips of out of body experiences you seldom realize it. This film references Tibetan Book of Living Dead in many places. Timothy Leary used to call that book a Bible of acid trips. I read before watching this movie that a movie like this could have been made only by those on drugs. Well it might be an exaggeration but it's true that those who wrote or made this movie must have an experience of either drug trips or deep meditation. 

Apart from being a big long acid trip, this movie is also a profound spiritual experience. In many senses it makes you nostalgic. It's really important to see how this movie connects you to your true self. This movie is also a very nice portrayal of reincarnation and seems like a profound picture of experiences between death and next birth. Those who remember their dreams vividly can very easily feel a strong connection with this film but even those who vaguely remember them would see that this movie strikes a chord. This movie is one of my all time favorites.    

My many thanks to my dear friend Anna-LeMind for recommending this beautiful movie.

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Sweet Tooth

A woman was very disturbed because of her son. He had a habit of compulsive eating of sweets. The careless kid used to finish everything sweet in home in a non apologetic fashion. The mother was concerned mostly about the health of her son besides other things.

This continued for a while. Then one day she decided to visit her Guru with the problem. She took her son there as well. Her Guru was a well known man of wisdom. She told about the problem to her Guru. 

The Guru contemplated for a few minutes and then said "Bring him after a few days and then I would give him my counsel." The lady left the shrine and went home. After a few days she revisited the shrine with her son. The Guru explained horrors of eating too many sweets to the boy. Dramatically, after a few days the problem was solved. 

The woman was very happy. She went to her Guru with some fruits and gifts. She asked about the mystery of counsel. She asked her Guru about the deferment of counselling the first time around. The Guru told with equanimity and calm " There is nothing mysterious about my behavior my dear daughter. The first time you approached me, I was reluctant to give an advice to your son because I myself had a very sweet tooth. I decided that I would give up the habit of consuming too many sweet meats. Then I really gave them all up for once and for all. I was convinced that a counsel you give to others can work only when you follow it yourself. This gives your counsel the strength of your character. The Truth shines through such a counsel and it does good for both the counsellor and the counselled."  

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a great comical drama film. It's unlike anything I have seen in last few years. It has a great style of storytelling, amazing performances and wonderful cinematography. 

The movie gets more and more interesting with time. It's absolutely flawless comedy,  especially its climax is uproarious, hilarious and impeccable. 

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Monday, 27 October 2014

SAMSARA: A Profound Cinematic Experience

It's a visually stunning movie with an enchanting soundtrack. A great deal of work went into making this film the success it is. This film is a documentary with no plot or dialogue. It just shows the world around us. The vivid visuals were shot in over 25 countries in a span of more than 5 years! Ron Fricke who has directed and photographed this film is also known for his previous masterpieces like Baraka  and Koyaanisqatsi.

I have rarely seen such clarity on screen. I think Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey had some very mesmerizing stills like this film. No Country For Old Men also has some brilliant shots and AMC's TV show Breaking Bad also  has some stunning cinematography like this film. This is your on screen world tour with music. This is a must watch for all connoisseurs of beauty and art!   

Is there a thing called originality?

There is nothing original under the Sun. There is nothing original over the Sun either. Everything is a copy because existence is not moving like an arrowhead but rather in a circle. John Wolfgang Goethe said "All the great thoughts have already been thought you've to just rethink them."

What is considered original in field of Arts, Science and Creativity? Something which a group of people has not seen earlier is regarded as original. Now, if you could look at entirety of existence, the whole circle in the field of your vision, you would realize that there is nothing original.

Does it mean that you should not strive to be creative and original? No, it doesn't. It just means that you should give up the conviction that you're original and you should also give up the proud which comes with it. Your ideas are not actually yours. You may not know but they've been there forever. With this comes a great freedom! Stealing the creative works of others is very bad. Trying to create something on your own is great for opening your heart up and it takes you into a direction of self realization. It gives you a sense of accomplishment, but if it starts making you proud of your work, it's taking you into wrong direction. It's of utmost importance to remember that all ideas, however novel or stale come from a common source Noosphere. 

It's a good exercise to be original. It makes you wiser and truthful and gives you a sense of becoming whole by creating. Always remember you are already whole and you don't need anything else to make you complete. Being proud of anything you think or do is a movement in ignorance. It's an unnecessary drawing of boundaries where there are none!  

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

HBO True Detective Season One

This is a brilliant crime mystery TV show by HBO. It depicts the lives of two detectives  Rust and Hart during their seventeen years long hunt for a serial killer. The theme song of the serial is just amazing. The season one has only eight episodes, almost every one of them about one hour long. Here you might see the beautiful theme song video of the show :

The show has many intriguing things but the first and foremost is stunning  acting. The actors performing the two leads are so accomplished that they leave a spellbinding effect. The other actors are also good but most of the screen time is taken by these two because it's the story of two detectives mainly. This is not the story of the serial killer but rather the story of detectives...not only their work but their attitudes, their beliefs and ups and downs in their lives have been portrayed in depth.

The pace with which story unfolds is really unique. Initially it seems slow and might sound boring to some of us addicted to mystery thrillers but with the passage of time you not only start loving these detectives but also get identified with their characters and personalities. The last three episodes were just enchanting for me. The show has a dark crime theme but it always maintains the threshold for avoiding it from becoming too gory and slash. 

The camera work, writing and music are also excellent. The show has been received wide critical acclaim because of its sound script and performance. The second season is very likely to involve totally different characters, performers and directors it seems. I would anticipate the season two because season one was just awesome. 

I would like to cordially thank my dear friend Rajkamal Jha for recommending this show to me. 

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Upstream Color

It's a 2013 movie- written, directed and produced by Shane Carruth. He is also in a lead role in this film. This movie is a mysterious work of art where creator has left pieces of puzzle. The puzzle cannot be solved but you might enjoy this movie if you like modern art. 

The movie has a few good qualities. It's about a mysterious blue dust--which might be either a scientific substance or a supernatural or an alien element or organism. Exactly what it was i couldn't figure out and i am sorry for that. The good thing is that movie has a very amazing soundtrack. The bad thing is that story, though unconventional, gets boring for me. A movie might be an unsolvable puzzle like works of David Lynch or very mysterious and unpredictable like those by Christopher Nolan but this is not a qualifying criterion to be boring. It's not wise to invest much time analyzing a movie you didn't like much. I would go with 6 stars out of 10.  

Thursday, 23 October 2014

I love Jalaluddin Rumi

I came across these two wonderful videos shared by my Google+ friends. The first one above is a short compilation of Rumi quotations. These are the words of highest wisdom full of inebriated love of self. The video is just about six minutes long and it has very serene music with these words full of love and wisdom. I know that you would love watching it!

I know that I am Rumi. I so love Rumi that i cannot express it in words! I know that Rumi is in me. I am in Rumi. Because of immense love i and Rumi have become. I love Rumi who is a drunkard. Who is inebriated in the love. Who drinks nectar of blissful inner wordless music and has become a drunkard one with everything.

The video below a gift of love has beautiful commentary on Rumi's poems. The commentators have most magnetic voices and if you start communion with Rumi you start losing yourself in love which is beyond expression. It has enchanting music and it's so full of love that you don't realize when it begins and when it ends.

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Sounds of Space and Voice of Earth

You would find that these sounds are very pleasant melodies--they're much better than anything you have heard in science-fiction movies. They're very subtle and soothing. I have been listening to such pleasant melodies for more than a decade now without any external physical instrument just with the help of ultra sensitive internal ears. Though they are not isolated but mixed and I cannot point out which sound belongs to which planet, star or supernova. Australian Astrophysicist Paul Francis published a paper more than a decade ago consisting many such sounds created by modulating EM waves from events like Big Bang, creation of Sun, Black Holes etc. It was very pleasant hearing these melodies  . Thanks for sharing. Have a pleasant day :) 

Waking Life Movie

Richard Linklater's Waking Life is one of its own kind movie. It's a gripping, original and thought provoking movie. The title is ironic because it's a very long lucid dream of a boy which contains multiple endless layers of lucid dreams one inside another. Upon reflection it's not that ironic at all because our waking life is really a dream life. 

This movie has a subtle feel of being dream-like as all the scenes keep on floating on the surface of consciousness. In my opinion it's not as dream-like as Lynchian movies because of consistency of the anchor subject to whom all the dreams happen. It's not as eerie as most of the Lynchian cinema but it's definitely very epistemological. The boy encounters a wide variety of people- many of them are intellectuals and discussions on existentialism, life, dreams, death, anarchy and evolution are very engrossing. The trip is worth taking.  

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Argument Against Reincarnation

I was watching movie Waking Life which has many philosophical discussions inside a lucid dream realm. In one of the discussions there is an argument against reincarnation. I have heard it often earlier. The argument goes like this:

"The population on earth has doubled in last few centuries, where these extra souls are coming from?"

This is a naive argument. I don't intend to speak for or against reincarnation but let me just state why I feel the aforesaid argument is not a well-formed argument.

First--The theory of reincarnation in Hinduism and Buddhism considers all living organisms as souls which means that unless you're able to keep track of souls of all living organisms(which seems just impossible with current state of scientific advancement!) you can not really say that more human populations might be some of the souls from lower life forms evolving to take human births.

Second--There is a great possibility of existence of intelligent life forms in other galaxies, solar systems and planets, which means that your soul might have taken birth previously in other solar system(perhaps at the center of Milky Way galaxy)

Third--The very same religions which propound about reincarnation emphasize on various other realms of existence with vast populations--therefore you cannot have any idea whatsoever about the number of souls in other realms. In which case, comparing the number of humans with previous centuries and discarding theory of reincarnation on the basis of that is just illogical. 

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

How to help your world?

The world is not out there, it's in your mind. The world is neutral. It's neither for you nor against you. Your state of mind creates your world. If you're happy the world looks like a paradise. If you're feeling miserable the world appears to be a hell.

The conspiratorial frame of mind paints world in colors of gigantic conspiracy. The optimistic frame of mind makes world look like a heaven. The world is neither a conspiracy nor a heaven. The world exists in your mind. When your mind is calm the whole universe becomes still

Your world is a very private world. It's not made of stars. It's made of your thoughts. The glass is neither half full nor half empty, because there is neither glass nor water just thoughts!

When you focus on positive thoughts--you're choosing to make a positive world. It's very easy to do. You have to choose to appreciate everything good and beautiful around you and by and by you would find that there is nothing bad left at all. 

If you love yourself and accept yourself in totally you make a world which is loving. In order to alleviate the suffering of the world you have to uproot first the deep rooted suffering in your psyche. Only when you're beyond the need of help you can help. The best help you can offer anyone is to make them capable of being beyond the need of all help. This can happen only if you first make yourself beyond the need of the help. 

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Run Lola Run

[First lines in the subtitle version]

Narrator : Man... probably the most mysterious species on our planet. A mystery of unanswered questions. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? How do we know what we think we know? Why do we believe anything at all? Countless questions in search of an answer... an answer that will give rise to a new question... and the next answer will give rise to the next question and so on. But, in the end, isn't it always the same question? And always the same answer?

Run Lola Run(1998) is an interesting time-loop movie. Lola is a girl who wants to help her boyfriend who is in trouble because of having lost a large amount of money in a train to a stranger. Lola runs to help him and in fatal turn of events she dies only to wake up again inside the same loop. This loop runs exactly three times and Lola learns from the mistakes every time and eventually meets her boyfriend in a parallel universe. 

The old blind lady in black goggles is most mysterious in the film because she points to the thief in the end. The movie is very funny and short. The soundtrack is amazing different songs play every time Lola runs through the loop. The way starting credits roll and you enter into the movie is also very original and brilliant. 

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Forgiveness and Vengeance: Two Sides of Same Coin

I would like to cordially thank my dear friend Susan Whigham  for the discussion. 

Forgiveness is the letting go of feelings of getting hurt. It's allowing yourself and others to heal instead of ruminating and dwelling on the damage which has been done.

Vengeance is trying to return the damage to the persons or factors which are supposedly responsible for it with all your might and energy. 

It's well known that forgiveness brings real closure. Vengeance never does, because an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind in a matter of  few days. 

Forgiveness is wisdom and vengeance is ignorance.

It's important to understand that both of them are illusions. They're two sides of same coin. They are because you don't understand yourself fully. Take for example, Law of Karma. If you think you forgive others or universe and the universe forgives you--this is a righteous understanding of it. Even better is to understand that whatever happens to you is because of your thoughts. The universe out there(provided you consider that there is a universe independent of you!) is neutral to everyone. If you harness from it you would realize that there is really nobody to thank or blame for good or bad that seems to happen with you. 

There is just one reality. You are dreaming that there are others. The truth is that you alone are. Vengeance is trying to struggle with yourself whereas forgiveness is allowing yourself to be. If you just realize that whatever you give you give to yourself it becomes so easy to understand. 

You might have read that Karma is a bitch. It acts like a boomerang.  What goes around comes around! It's because there is nothing else--you alone are projecting a universe. Inside your mind everything exists. Whatever you give to yourself you receive back because there is nobody else to take. If you give love, kindness, warmth and smile that is what you get back and if you give suspicion, hatred, violence and anger that is what you get back. It's so because whatever you give you give to yourself. 

Since you're dreaming you see two directions of movement--one leads you towards the freedom or liberation--it's a movement in wisdom. The other is what makes your dream nightmarish --an eye for an eye--it's a movement in ignorance. They both exist inside the dream but one of them, the movement in wisdom is a sign of awakening. 

If someone very clearly understands the Karma, it becomes clear that he alone is responsible for his all feelings and it becomes clear that there is actually no need of forgiveness because there is no offender in the first place. It's so because Karma is deeply associated with awakening--Karma is advocate of one reality--it's based on the realization that you alone are and whatever you think you're doing you're with yourself. 

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Equilibrium--An incredible action thriller

Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium starring Christian Bale is a sci-fi action thriller. It intends to show importance of feelings in human society. In a future world when third world war has destroyed most of the resources--whatever is left is governed by a society which is strictly against the emotions. Every citizen is compelled to inject himself with Prozium everyday. Those who resist such society are called Resistance.

An officer on the side of government who is a skilled executioner of resistance people accidentally starts feeling and turns himself against the government joining the Resistance. Ultimately he restores the society to feeling population--in other words Resistance triumphs.

This movie has breathtaking action which reminded me of Kill Bill volumes. The initial action sequence with just a few minutes into the movie--shot in the dark is incredible and I have not seen anything like that  earlier ever. The soundtrack is good and Christian Bale, as always is astoundingly well. The movie has a good plot which touches the sensitive issue of feelings and their roles in shaping our lives. The verdict seems to be that it's not feelings which create evil but something else. The government which had eradicated feelings was even more evil than the Resistance. This shows that by just removing feelings you cannot solve all the problems. I would give this movie 8 out of 10. 

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Guru is the alarm clock

सब धरती कागज करूँ, लेखनी सब बनरायसात समुंदर की मसि करूँ, गुरुगुण लिखा न जायEven if the whole earth is transformed into a giant paper with all the big trees made into pens and if the entire water in the seven oceans is  transformed into writing ink, even then the glories of the Guru cannot be written. So much is the greatness of the Guru
                                                                 ---Poet Saint Kabir

I refer to my following articles for a discussion on charisma of spiritual gurus:

The Guru Effect

In order to distinguish fake Guru from a genuine one--I esteem the criterion of urgency as of utmost importance. Please have a look at my following article for the same:

Saviour Syndrome, Emergency and Messiahs

Now I intend to discuss about the importance of genuine spiritual Guru. Guru is your own self. Some people use terms like higher and lower for self. Self with upper case 'S' is consider higher self or atma and self with lower case 's' is considered as ego/personality by many people. I want to make it clear that I know that there is only one self. There is only one reality and you may call it God but it's not different from you. There are various modes of spiritual practices and meditation which require different beliefs but they all lead towards the same reality.

you may call it Self/Atma/God/Supersoul/Existence or whatever you like. It is what it's and it makes no difference what you call it. Whatever it's--it's not different from you. Therefore I know that Guru is your own self.

Guru is the alarm clock

You have projected this universe. This may be to play with yourself or may be for something else--but this universe is a dream of yours. Everyone you see or meet or listen to in this universe is a part of your own dream. Even these words are part of your dream. You are neither in a bondage nor liberated but just dreaming. Those who dream might dream of good things--that might seem like bondage--or they might run towards getting liberated in a nightmare--it makes no difference for an onlooker or witness who is at a distance from sleeping person and awake. Pleasant dreams as well as nightmares are dreams. The illusion of reality(mistaking dream for reality) is what has caused this dream to continue. The Guru is a self-realized person in your dream who knows that you're sleeping and he gives you a wake-up call. He is the alarm-clock you had set before you went for sleep. Now you see the Guru because it's time to wake up. In dream you might feel that many years have been spent but it might be just a while--because Guru is the sound of the alarm clock you are listening and you might stall for a while but ultimately you're going to wake up.

 In your dream you might confuse the alarm clock with a bell in a temple or a sound from a musical instrument--you might misconstrue the sound coming from alarm clock for a part of dream. You confuse the Guru with something he isn't. You might assume that he is there to give you a free-ticket to fulfill all your desires but the Guru is there to wake you up. Even if you use Guru as a clutch for a while he is bound to wake you up because he's an alarm clock you had set yourself.

There is no harm in considering a book your Guru. You might consider God as your Guru or you might feel that your inner voices are your Guru. It makes no difference because they're one and the same--because they're all part of your dream. The alarm clock is always outside your dream but the sound has to make contact with you inside your dream only then there is a possibility that you would wake up. Therefore the Guru appears in your dream and gives you many wake up calls one after another.

Gurdjieff used to tell his pupil that a pupil can never cheat a Guru whereas a Guru can cheat a pupil. An awakened master is always more intelligent than a sleeping person no matter how shoddy or vulgar his appearance. 

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Developing Witness Sense

Witness sense or Sakshi bhava is an onlooker attitude in meditation. You become detached from all perceptions, sensations, imaginations and thoughts. Actually, you're already detached from the world but it's because of mind that you find yourself identified with various things and states. It's you- who gives life to thoughts. Unless you energize the mind it cannot exist on its own.

By developing witness sense you create gaps of being in your thought stream. In other words you slow down the thought process. It helps you gradually come into contact with your Self.

There are certain things which help you develop witness sense. It's indispensable to be a witness of your entire content of consciousness always in order to become really aware; but in the beginning it's just not possible for you to remain so aware. Therefore you must take certain steps towards awakening witness sense. You might keep a journal in which you record your feelings without any inhibition whatsoever. This helps in paving initial path for you. Then you should find certain moments of complete silence where you can sit all by yourself and meditate. You don't have to do anything. There is no need of any method or technique--just see the chattering of your mind. See how it brings before you so many excuses to not sit. 

The main help comes from holding onto a single thought or word. Our mind is a complete chaos running from subject to subject in a very short time. It cannot be still unless you have something constant to hold onto. If you have a thought or word which you use on a regular basis to hold your attention--it becomes very easy to witness. You let witnessing happen by itself--you just bring your attention back to a central thought.

For example--you may take a thought like "it's a thought." Now as you see a thought in your mind you say 'it's a thought' and you come back to the center and realize your mind's content. Again--the same pointer will point to itself as well--saying--'it's a thought,' and this would go on and on ad infinitum but you would perpetually remain a witness. Any other stray sensation, perception, image or idea would be caught by the thought 'it's a thought' and you would not get further distracted by it. Similarly you might choose to pay attention to your sense of being and hold on to the thought 'i am.' Now, as you continue to hold your attention to this central idea--you would find that a cloud of thoughts passes by but you ever stay in this very thought of being 'i am.' This way you can develop witness sense and thereafter you can proceed to the supreme sense of being by completely obliterating attachment with content of your mind.

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The Sound of One Hand Clapping

This is a famous Zen Koan. Zen Koans are mysterious riddles which don't have a definite verbal answer. They're mysterious and their aim is to awaken or enlighten the Zen practitioner. I pointed out earlier that these riddles might not have a definite verbal response but it doesn't mean that they don't have any answer at all. In fact, if you look through the history of Zen schools there have been many practitioner who became enlightened upon finding the answer to these Koans.

This Koan is also one of such riddles. It's answer is both simple and very mysterious. The question: "What is the sound of the one hand clapping?" aims at making you fully aware of present moment. When you become fully aware of present moment and your mind becomes still you arrive at the solution of this riddle. This not only solves the problem but also makes you have first glimpses of enlightenment.

When mind is fully calm you are capable of listening the sweet harmonious unstuck melody inside you. This undercurrent of sound is present in entire cosmos everywhere. Only when someone becomes fully still and aware he comes into its blissful contact. This sound soothes the mind and heart and it gives unadulterated bliss of being. This sound is so miraculous that if you continue listening it--it fulfills all desires. Finally it makes you void of all desires and liberated. 

This unstuck sound is clapping of one hand, because it's not a result of any collision. It's pure natural sound present since the beginning of cosmos. This sound is very nature of being. Since entire cosmos is made of vibrations--you attract those things which are vibrating at your rate. Your thoughts are also vibrations and when you have harmonious thoughts you attract more and more harmony and order. These sound vibrations are highest type of order in cosmos and when you attend to them, by and by you start falling in that order, resulting in peace and bliss beyond words and conception.  

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Beyond The Endles Sky - Valdi Sabev

Valdi Sabev is a Bulgarian music composer. He uses the Bulgarian folk instrumentals in a most exquisite manner. This video is so full of audio-visual beauty and love. This video is a product of still observation of nature. You observe so many beautiful butterflies and plants in romance with each other. A cricket is playing with a butterfly and shining black insects are busy consuming juices from various plants. Comely hummingbird is smaller than even a butterfly. This all in a background of still instrumental and supported by a most enchanting melodious voice of a singer. This short video is so full of love and being!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Departed--Rats, rats and rats

This was my third viewing of the movie. I don't exactly remember when was the last I watched it. The reason why I have seen it thrice is because it never gets boring despite its great length and it's one of the greatest thrillers of all times. This is another Martin Scorsese masterpiece!

What do you like about this movie? A lot of things. It's one of the most comical execution of a story involving mafia and police. The portrayal is never supposed to be taken seriously. Dramatically, there are more number of rats(informants) on both sides than anyone could predict. The movie has an amazing soundtrack to support it. The movie gets more and more engrossing towards the climax and climax is just way too surprisingly thrilling. It blew me away the first time I watched it--there are just too many sudden Departed ones in the climax. Why exactly agent Dignam killed agent Sullivan  remains open to interpretation.

Performances and dialogues are a class apart in this picture. I loved especially watching Leonardo Dicaprio and Jack Nicholson. The dialogue between them when Jack is drawing a painting of rats and says "I smell a rat," and then does a lot of theatrics is perhaps the best drama for me in this movie. There were just too many good performers in this movie and these two stand apart. I think, I should again watch Infernal Affairs and Goodfellas. This is one of the best movies despite its long running time.

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King and Beggar

King Janaka once dreamt that he was a beggar. On waking up he asked his Guru -- Vasishta: Am I a king dreaming of being a beggar, or a beggar dreaming of being a king? The Guru answered: You are neither, you are both. You are, and yet you are not what you think yourself to be. You are because you behave accordingly; you are not because it does not last. Can you be a king or a beggar for ever? All must change. You are what does not change. What are you? Janaka said: Yes, I am neither king nor beggar, I am the dispassionate witness. The Guru said. 

This is your last illusion that you are a jnani, that you are different from, and superior to, the common man. Again you identify yourself with your mind, in this case a well-behaved and in every way an exemplary mind. As long as you see the least difference, you are a stranger to reality. You are on the level of the mind. When the 'I am myself' goes, the 'I am all' comes. When the 'I am all' goes, 'I am' comes. When even 'I am' goes, reality alone is and in it every 'I am' is preserved and glorified. Diversity without separateness is the Ultimate that the mind can touch. Beyond that all activity ceases, because in it all goals are reached and all purposes fulfilled.

Source: I AM THAT
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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Yakuro - Blue... The Color Of Dreams

Someone shared this video on Google Plus today. I had not seen any of the work by artist Yakuro previously. But this video just made me love his work. The video has subtlety, depth, profundity and love. It uses the language of dreams and it could have many interpretations because it's a dream. What a lovely dream indeed. It's raining and there are many umbrellas and a mysterious lady. There is a mysterious black cat and a mysterious--absent minded man with an umbrella. Great melodious music and beautiful natural scenery which is not too vivid because it's a dream. I would like to hear your thoughts about this video.


Body inside Mind or Mind inside Body?

You have heard the saying "a sound mind lives in a sound body." Have you ever wondered that it might be the other way around? Yes, Yoga teaches us that it's not mind that lives in the body but body that lives in the mind

See, you feel your body not as a whole but as an image of individual sensations combined together by mind and memory. It might be slightly difficult to understand--but it's very easy to see this--you feel more of a body part when it's stressed--if you have a headache you feel head, if you have toothache, you feel tooth and so on. When you are very relaxed you don't really feel any part of the body. If you meditate and go very deep into it you would realize that body has disappeared and if you go even deeper even the mind will disappear and only the presence 'I am' will remain.

You have projected the mind and mind has projected the body and withdrawal also happens in the same order--you realize that body sensations have disappeared when you feel very relaxed and then mind disappears and you alone remain. 

You might feel eerie and say " I don't believe it because it's not logical." I see myself having a body. Yes, you see that there is a body---by which media you come to know that?

It's our train of thoughts which keeps on creating a picture of our body moment after moment by collecting all the perceptions from different organs/parts of the body---if there is lacking some sensation--the memory fills the gap and you continue to believe that you have a body. Similarly you project this universe whereas you believe that you are a product of universe!

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Supernatural--Season 9

As I started watching the season 1 of Supernatural, I found it slightly boring. I thought that may be it's overrated. Then I thought that the show has been running for very long and yet it's so highly rated; therefore, it must have improved over the years--so I decided to jump over the seasons and started watching the Season 9 directly. And yes, I was right about the improvement bit.

In Season 9, I see that there are too many parallel plot lines interwoven in a most intriguing way. There are angels, there are demons, there are witches and cannibals and so much of mystery and magic in various episodes. I see that Dean Winchester(Jensen Ackles) has not aged at all over the years but Sam Winchester(Jared Padalecki) looks older--may be because it's demanded by the script or may be because he has really aged more; though their voices have become heavier. It's obvious that their acting has improved a lot. Sound-tracks are more enchanting now and scripts are tighter than they used to be. There is more element of comical humor and surprise and I love the overall execution of various plot-lines. 

I think there is no problem in rating season 9 episodes with 9+ points out of ten. Where there used to be only two of them hunting in the season 1, you see that they have quite a team now. Almost every new episode picks a new thread while weaving something from old threads together--giving rise to a perfect supernatural television show. I hope that season 10 would be even more better. 

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014


When you're dreaming you rarely realize that it's a dream. Only when you're in a very troubled nightmare, you feel that you're under such stress that you're forced to question everything. Your questioning ultimately wakes you up. While dream lasts there might be all sorts of things going on like listening to the sound of an alarm clock or seeing a person who wakes you up--they're all inside your dream.

Similarly this big dream world you have projected has too many things which seem either pleasant or painful. Your attempts to enjoy the world or your attempts to wake up are both inside your dream. You might feel that attempts at chanting, meditation, listening to gurus and like are better than others but actually they're all parts of the dream.

 Only because your dream has become nightmarish you want to wake up and hence your stirrings--which look like signs of awakening to the one who is outside the dream--your alarm clock--the enlightened one. You might think that if you're projecting this universe why can't you continue to project a good universe? It's because the very nature of mind is that it cannot continue to project a good dream for very long. Dreams cannot last forever. Only reality can last forever. Desire to have a good dream becomes a bad dream whereas absence of any desire whatsoever makes dream disappear altogether--provided such a desire lasts for enough long inside your dream.

When you try to wake up inside your dream--you might realize that your dream might become even more hostile and spook than it was when you were enjoying it--it's because desire to wake up is a part of dream and it's necessary that your dream becomes nightmarish enough to give you a jolt to wake up. 

Who are the enlightened persons in your dream? They are similar to your alarm clocks--you set alarms in night before going to bed in order to wake up at a certain time in morning. Similarly you yourself project enlightened masters in your dream. If your slumber is very deep, the sound of the alarm clock might look like a sound coming from a temple which you see inside a dream--but actually alarm clock is never part of your dream--in the same way--the enlightened person is your own self calling you back to the source--calling to wake up--but if slumber is deep you make him something else in your dream--you might make a temple where you start worshiping a person--you might start preaching a sermon based on your teacher's teachings or you might start finding faults in teachings--giving innumerable varieties to the dream but not waking up. 

You might see thousands upon thousands of enlightened masters inside your dream but that is not necessarily going to wake you up. There might be a dream in which you're in a shop where thousands upon thousands of alarm clocks are ringing simultaneously because of an alarm clock which is ringing outside your dream. Does that necessarily wake you up? No. Too much effort towards waking up--endless search for enlightenment is only going to create more and more of the dream--because dream is created by the turbulent mind. Stillness and lack of effort in any direction, which is not possible without absence of desires, is, what makes your dream weak and gives you a chances to wake up. False awakenings are more frequent and powerful than you believe.  

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The intriguing story of Sessa, Chess and Exponential Growths

I came across this video in my Google+ excursions today and found in it an interesting thought experiment along with an intriguing story related to invention of chess, both pertaining to exponential growths. 

The following story has been taken from Wikipedia

When the creator of the game of chess (in some tellings an ancient Indian Brahmin mathematician named Sessa or Sissa) showed his invention to the ruler of the country, the ruler was so pleased that he gave the inventor the right to name his prize for the invention. The man, who was very clever, asked the king this: that for the first square of the chess board, he would receive one grain of wheat (in some tellings, rice), two for the second one, four on the third one, and so forth, doubling the amount each time. The ruler, arithmetically unaware, quickly accepted the inventor's offer, even getting offended by his perceived notion that the inventor was asking for such a low price, and ordered the treasurer to count and hand over the wheat to the inventor. However, when the treasurer took more than a week to calculate the amount of wheat, the ruler asked him for a reason for his tardiness. The treasurer then gave him the result of the calculation, and explained that it would take more than all the assets of the kingdom to give the inventor the reward. The story ends with the inventor being beheaded. (In other variations of the story, the inventor becomes the new king.

The moral of the story: none, because it was for fun. 

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Fragmented Beauty

I have consistently felt that sky looks more beautiful when I look at it through a window. In an open space I don't find it as beautiful. You see many images of skies which look more beautiful than the real image observed by your eyes. I think it's because of the relativity of perception. Since you're inside a room you are simultaneously aware of constricted and open space subconsciously. You just don't realize how being aware of lack of space subconsciously makes you appreciate beauty of open space. The glimpse of open space when you're inside a constricted space looks more exquisite than actual scenery when you're in open space.

Beauty and ugliness define each other. Totality is neither beautiful nor ugly. The sense of beauty lies very much in the beholder and it develops through conditioning. But it develops two-folded--sense of beauty and ugliness develop together. Some things are pretty because  others are coarse. Similarly good and bad define each other; friends and foes define each other. There is nothing absolutely beautiful. Duality has contradictions. It has polar opposites. Yin and Yang complement each other. 

Beautiful varies across generations, cultures and civilizations and so does ugliness. For some people natural is beautiful and mechanical is ugly. For some people mechanical is beautiful and natural is ugly. Masculine is beautiful for some and feminine is beautiful for others. If you look at the whole nothing is beautiful because nothing is ugly. Duality is cause of beauty because duality is cause of perception. Duality is caused by the mind and mind labels things as beautiful or ugly. Duality is judgement and this is what colors your perception about situations and people. If you don't judge you are not judged because then there is no judging voice inside you. If you don't find anything beautiful at all--you will not find anything ugly at all. 

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Why an enlightened person cannot help the world?

If I am enlightened person--I cannot help the world because I am the world. lo help someone there should be some purpose--for an enlightened person there is no duality and hence no purpose.

Good and bad, right and wrong, virtue and sin exist only at the level of mind. If I am beyond mind--what is out there is a dream world. I cannot help anyone really  in a dream world. A thief in a dream is as good as a priest. In my dream, everything that appears is me. I am the playground and player and game and audience and everything around. In my dream I am the killer and killed. How can I be for virtue and against sin; for there is neither virtue nor sin? How could I be for right against wrong; for there is neither right nor wrong? I know that it's a dream and you will wake up soon. Once you wake up you will know that you were running unnecessarily after this or that. Once you wake up you will understand that when you were asking for help it was because you were getting tired of sleep.

Only those who are in your dream can help you. It's so because they consider themselves apart from the world and it's because of their deep slumber. If you're the world how could you help the world. Helping suggests problems or presence of something undesirable--if I am awake there is no desire for I see everything as myself. There is nothing undesirable. The question of helping doesn't arise at all. Those who are too eager to help the world need to wake-up as much as those who are anxious about fighting the world--they are both running on the same ground in opposite directions. 

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