Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Plot hole in Dexter series?

 In my previous post where I was comparing Dexter and Kira, I did comment on well done stories of Death Note and Dexter. They are written meticulously methinks, especially Death Note. But I think today I found what might be a big plot hole as it spoils the otherwise good character make-up of Dexter-at least in my opinion.

In an episode in season 2 of Dexter(In a flashback of Dexter's past), Harry shows the image of brain of another serial killer to Dexter, telling him that it has relatively small size of right hemisphere. Harry first tells about the sociopath--how he lacks empathy and ability to keep good relations and so on--and later ascribes it to his small size of right hemisphere of brain.  When Dexter asks Harry that why he is showing that to him, Harry tells him that the brain of Dexter is also similar to that killer i.e. has smaller right hemisphere. 


Then, I suppose I noticed two discrepancies--first is--Dexter is a daydreamer who has a very vivid imagery--which is next to impossible given the size of right hemisphere of brain shown in season 2. Second--when we see Dexter playing golf with Miguel in the fifth episode of season 3-- it becomes evident that he is left handed. But I also remember Dexter saying to someone in season 2 somewhere that he is ambidextrous. Even if he is ambidextrous--the point one(Daydreamers have pronounced right hemispheres) still remains as a valid doubt I think. 

One explanation might be that the flashback is actually not something which necessarily happened--that might be true because Dexter is given to a lot of false imagery--but at the same time he also remembers many events from past which did happen to him---so my doubt remains an open one here.

Anyone out there with an idea about what I am missing here is most welcome to respond via comment.   

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