Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Meta scribbling to improve perceptiveness

Freenoting is a technique to improve your perceptiveness in general. You can use it either to absorb high quality information during classes and seminars or you can use it to improve your Ideaphoria in general. In order to improve your capabilities in any field of endeavor, it's important to improve the bandwidth of attention given to that field. In other words, it's important to improve your concentration in that field. You need to capture as many ideas as possible and you need to develop novel associations using those ideas.

For example-if you meditate, you might be keeping a meditation journal  to improve your ability to meditate. If you practice lucid dreaming, you might keep a dream journal. If you are a creative writer, you might keep a creativity journal. In order to Freenote in these journals--you have to do just that--keep on scribbling your thoughts and feelings as frequently as you can without judging them. No matter how poor quality of ideas seem, keep on writing them in your journals and keep on describing them as vividly as possible. 

The first law of behavioral psychology states that you get more of what you reinforce. If you reinforce the behavior of becoming perceptive you become more perceptive and if your reinforce the behavior of overlooking your ideas and insights, you become more and more dull. 

Meta Scribbling comes into picture when you start Freenoting frequently. Most of the scribblers think that the creative ideas should come up the instant they are done with scribbling or during the process of scribbling itself. It might be true up to an extent, but the act of creativity doesn't stop there fully. If you read back what you had scribbled after a certain gap and scribble again based on what you read(from your previous scribblings)--you create a very powerful feedback-loop, giving rise to strong ideaphoria.

It is important to take into the account the Drashta Effect or Witness Sense for understanding it. When you're scribbling, you are, in a way, witnessing your thought stream. This is, as if, you are different from your thoughts. This gives rise to capability to go beyond mind and from a position of no-mind you create more. 

When you create a certain gap between scribbling and reading the content you have scribbled, it gives rise to stronger Drashta Effect. It's so because, at the time when you are scribbling those ideas, you're pretty much in that frame of mind and once you have given enough space after that you come out of that frame and then you can be more detached-from  those thoughts of yours and this makes you very creative.

The simple practice is to scribble as often as you can. Then wait for a week or a fortnight and then read your ideas. Then again scribble as you read and you would find amazing results. Meta scribbling is a knack par excellence.

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