Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Associative Imagery Portals

Note: This is a purely pseudo-scientific piece of balderdash, tread at your own risk!

I have been plagued by the idea of associative learning imagery for long now. I think this is a process of creating portals for future. That is--when your future self looks back into your past self via your memory, your future self finds most important information in these portals which have been created via imagery association. 


If I want to use layman terms--when you look back into past as in retrospect--you find that there are certain important events. These events seem important because you had consciously considered them important and made a note of them but what about their relevance to your learning? Do they really play a great role in your progress towards your goal? May be not. In which case, what was made as a portal-band by your associative learning imagery, which might have become subconscious with the passage of time, plays a key role: Your awareness accesses it when trying to look back through memory in order to solve problems. Access to those bands is available only when your awareness is expanded.

I know that I was not good enough at obfuscating it all--but if by any chance you have done research in this field or you have ideas related to it--feel free to tell me via comments or e-mail.  

Addendum(September 15, 2014): I also observed that these associations are almost always with real images and not with imaginary ones, i. e. images which flash with reading and writing are of places I have been to. It is also worthy of being noticed that most of the images are very old, may be a decade or so. There are certain places where I have been to recently, but the images of those places which play a role in association with reading and writing are not latest per se, that is, they don't reflect the changes which have been done to those places.