Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Man From Earth

The Man From Earth is an extraordinary science-fiction movie. It might be a kind of disappointing disaster for regular science-fiction fans who love to see a lot of action. It doesn't have parallel-universes, aliens or space shuttles flying around; but what it does have is a marvelous script. It was the last work of screenwriter Jerome Bixby and what a great work indeed! This is the most unusually original idea for a science fiction I have ever seen!

It must be a very low budget film-shot almost entirely with-in a single room.  No mazes, no big guns, no special effects and yet such an engrossing film. It reminded me of perhaps the greatest courtroom-drama ever--yes the 1957 film, Twelve Angry Men. That movie had brilliant dialogues and acting; similarly this movie has amazing pace, intrigue and grip. It flows smoothly and never gets boring.

This film has elements of history, religion, science and mystery presented before audience in an uncanny manner. I truly enjoyed watching this movie and since I wanted to keep this short note unspoiled I would not go into the details of script discussing nuances which touched me most.

In a way, this film is one of the most no-nonsense science fiction films I have ever seen. Amazing, entertaining, simple and brilliant--a must watch for all mystery and sci-fi buffs.     

Bill Thompson in his review has pointed out the weaknesses like poor acting by most of the actors and lack of a powerfully synchronized sound track. Still he finds the movie interesting. This is the second film in a row after Mr. Nobody, where I find that I can love Science-Fiction as much as I love Mystery. Obviously  this movie has a more thought provoking premise than that of Mr. Nobody because it's more original. 

In a way Jerome Bixby's swan song would become a classic like Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight; I don't know if it happens frequently but somehow it's so magical that others living and kicking cannot go around repeating it--I mean I am not too experienced but I have not seen anything like Joker and similarly this plot is just a masterpiece.  

This movie also reminded me of 12 Angry Men, though that was a court room drama mystery--but entire thing going inside a single room with most intelligent dialogue made it look like this one. Fermat's Room is another such movie but that is more on the lines of Kafkaesque Cube etc and yet it fails to deliver what 12 Angry Men and A Man From Earth do. 

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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Proud to be this or that!

I often read people are proud of their country or family or religion or thinking or cabal or caste or physique or witticism or possessions or friends or this or that...this made me think what I am proud of... 

I am not proud of my thinking or any thinking at all. 

I am not proud of my religion or any religion at all.

I am not proud of my family or any family at all.

I am not proud of my country or any country at all.

I am not proud of my civilization or any civilization at all.

I am not proud of being 'I AM.'

I am not proud of being heterosexual or homosexual.

I am not proud of my knowledge or my ignorance.

I am not proud of my personality.

I am not proud of my essence.

I am not proud of being a carbon-based life-form.

I am not proud of being Truthful.

I am not proud of being Evil.

I am not proud of my virtues or any virtues at all.

I am not proud of my vices or any vices at all.

I am not proud of being not proud.

I am not proud of being proud.

I am not proud of my caste or any cast at all.

I am not proud of Skepticism or Anarchism.

I am not proud of Mysticism or Spirituality.

I am not proud of being an Atheist or an Agnostic.
I am not proud of Astrology or Philosophy.

I am not proud of what I speak or write.

I am not proud of the way I live.

I am not proud of being tolerant.

I am not proud of being intolerant.

I am not proud of not being proud.

I am proud of nothing and I am not proud of being proud of anything. 

I am not proud of independent thinking and I am not proud of being slave to my belief system.

I am not proud of being enlightened and I am not proud of my suffering.

I am not proud of being a machine.

I am not proud of my slumber.

I am not proud of being awakened.

I am not proud of my material possessions and I am not proud of my art.

I am not proud of being isolated neither I am proud of belonging to a cabal.

I am not proud of my ethnicity or any ethnicity my race or any race at all.

I am not proud of being in race.

I am not proud of being an alien.

I am not proud of being a messiah or prototype or healer.

I am not proud of being psychopath or sociopath.

I am not proud of being a humanitarian or philanthropist.

I am not proud of my skin color or any skin color at all.

I am not proud of being one with everything and I am not proud of being healthy or strong.

I am not proud of being not proud.

I am not proud of being proud of nothing.

I am not proud of being good or bad.

I am not proud of being beyond good or bad.

I am not proud of being subjective or objective.

I am not proud of being an Introvert.

I am not proud of being an Extrovert.

I am not proud of being an Ambivert.

I am not proud of being a Jungian INTJ or INFJ or ENTJ or ENFJ.

I am not proud of my dreams or meditation.

I am not proud of being optimistic or pessimistic.

I am not proud of any 'isms' or 'ologies.'

I am not proud of being a believer.

I am not proud of being a non-believer.

I am not proud of being open-minded or being narrow-minded.

I am not proud of being intelligent or retarded.

I am not proud of anything I have not admitted.

I am not proud of anything I have admitted.

I am not proud of being proud of anything.

I am not proud of being proud of nothing.

I am not proud of being contradictory.

I am not proud of being consistent or inconsistent.

I am not proud of being.

I am not proud of non-being.

I am not proud being God.

I am not proud of being anti-God.

I am not proud of being Satan or Angel.

I am not proud of being not proud of anything.

I am not proud of being proud of nothing.

I am not proud of being loquacious or reticent.

I am not proud of being calm or reticent.

I am not proud of being talkative or garrulous.

I am not proud of being outsider or insider.

I am not proud of being leftist or rightist.

I am not proud of being positively proud.

I am not proud of being negatively proud.

I am not proud of being not proud.

I am not proud of being not proud of anything.

I am not proud of being proud of nothing.

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mr. Nobody--The fantastic story of a nine year old.

Note: The following review contains spoilers. 
Zugzwang--only viable move is not to move.
    [first linesNemo Nobody adult: Like most living creatures, the pigeon quickly associates the pressing of the level with the reward. But when a timer releases a seed automatically every 20 seconds, the pigeon wonders, what did I do to deserve this? If it was flapping its wings at the time, it will continue to flap, convinced that its actions have the decisive influence on what happens. We call this "pigeon superstition."
This is the best science fiction movie I have ever seen. At first I thought that it was a hodge podge of Jacob's Ladder , The Butterfly Effect and Parallel Worlds. But as the movie proceeded, I found that it's romance, mystery, science-fiction, action and thriller all embedded in one single package!

Amongst the movies I mentioned above Parallel Worlds was the worst movie and The Butterfly Effect was the best. A few minutes down in the movie Butterfly Effect is mentioned. The  Superstring theory, The Big-Bang and The Big Crunch are also portrayed in a beautiful fashion in this film.

We read words 'Chance' and  'Way Out' at the railway station where the nine year old stands--giving the hint about plasticity of story. This is a colorful scientific tale which is aesthetically pleasing as well. The way many scenes cut-out into each other engrosses your mind in a most wonderful way.

Halfway through the film I was thinking that the story lacks an anchor--a central character who narrates the story is missing and that the chunk of information given about the characters  was overwhelming and confusing at once ---but by the end I realized that narrator is the old man and the creator is the nine year old--it rendered the climax in a most exquisite way.

There are many science fiction films which don't hold good till end--but this movie does it--in fact I must say that the last 30 minutes are most intriguing part of the film. Movies like this make you a science fiction fan.

The following trivia for this film taken from IMDb is very interesting:

Free movement across time is a recurring theme of the film. The central character's name is Nemo, which when spelled backwards is 'omen', a foretelling of the future. Further, his main love interest is Anna and his daughter is Eve, both of which are the same when read in reverse.
Nemo is Latin for "nobody". It was the name that Odysseus gave the Cyclops.A recurring phone number in the film, 123-581-1321, is the start of the Fibonacci sequence disregarding the random 1 in the middle.
   Last film of composer 'Pierre Van Dormael' before his   demise in 2008.

You cannot overemphasize the good quality of songs and music in the film. This makes all the scenes even more appealing--when you watch a movie like this you know that it's a musical tale of beauty. This movie has a clever, thought provoking and complicated plot. It's an intelligent movie questioning the way we perceive time and our existence.
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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

American Psycho

American Psycho is a psychological thriller based on a novel story. It's a good film to watch. The story doesn't have anything unique to say but the act is hilariously comical. 

There is a piece of dialogue which I found amusing in particular because of the eggcorns involved:

When in a club Bateman is talking to a girl, conversation runs like this:

Patrick Bateman: Ask me a question.

Club Patron: So, what do you do?

Patrick Bateman: I'm into, uh, well, murders and executions, mostly.

Club Patron: Do you like it?

Patrick Bateman: Well, it depends. Why?

Club Patron: Well, most guys I know who are in Mergers and Acquisitions really don't like it. 

The lead is played by Christian Bale. He has done a marvelous job as a psychopath  in the movie. Whether the protagonist is a serial killer or not remains open to interpretation at the end of the film. Christian Bale made his act equally funny and eerie at the same time. 

The protagonist is named Patrick Bateman--not only does the name 'Bateman' sounds similar to Norman Bates(remember Bate's motel?) but also Bale looks pretty similar to the protagonist of Hitchcock's classic Psycho. Bale has done a great attempt to bring eerie element of Psycho in this movie--unpredictability and restlessness of the character are so palpable that they create a tension in the viewer.

The movie seems to become open to interpretation after the scene when Bateman shots the police car and sets it on fire just with a couple of bullets. Also his killing more than a dozen of people with in a short period of time at public places and then getting away with it unnoticed even the day after tends to hint in the same direction.

I read that Christian Bale was suggested to not to take this role as it was considered to be  equal to committing suicide--but that became the very reason why he chose to take it. Hats off to Bale--I think he is a great performer and that is why he is favorite of Christopher Nolan's cast along with Michael Caine. In between movies The Machinist  and Batman Begins(if I recall well) he had to almost transform himself physically from a skinny clad to a muscular hunk in a matter of just few months! He works really hard for his roles and gets into the skin of his characters.

This movie is not a great movie but it's a good entertainer if you like to watch psychological thrillers. It pays tribute to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho in more than one scenes.

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Stelliums: A case study in Vedic Astrology.

Stelliums are group of four or more planets. They are important because they represent special karmic energies activated in the horoscope of a person. There are only 9 planets in a horoscope and if you find 4 or more planets in a single sign it definitely means that more than 40-50% of Karma of such a native is focussed in a particular domain. The type of energy involved(masculine or feminine, fiery or watery etc.) is represented by the sign involved in the stellium and the karmic goal involved is represented by the domain(house 1, 2,... house 11, 12--Tanu, Bandhu,...Labha, Moksha bhavas) involved in the stellium. This makes for an interesting study in Vedic Astrology.

In ancient times stellium represented only Sanyasa Yoga--but now they represent more of an energy focused in a particular area of life. For example--Albert Einstein, Rahul Dravid, Madam Blavatsky etc. have stelliums in various houses in their horoscopes but they don't fall in the category of recluses but they definitely represent natives who are so engrossed in some domains in their lives that everything else seems immaterial. Lets take some of such cases for a brief study:

Data is taken from Astrosage website for analysis

1. Albert Einstein:  The ascendant sign is Gemini. Moon sign is Scorpio. The stellium is situated in the tenth house from ascendant and fifth house from Moon in the watery sign of Pisces.

a. Stellium from Ascendant:    Stellium is in the sign of Pisces(watery sign: emotional, intuitive, dreamy, nurturing, secretive and imaginative). Stellium is in the tenth house(house 10 is a domain of Saturn and Mars---a domain of public visibility and action for material progress(Capricorn is materialistic sign--practical sign--scientific sign.)

Therefore: activated energies---Pisces(Jupiter) and Capricorn(Saturn).

To be more accurate: intuitive, imaginary, dreamy, secretive and nurturing energy of Pisces is used for the function of scientific materialistic highly visible work.

b. Stellium from Moon:  Moon is in Scorpio(another watery sign!)--the stellium is in  Pisces(watery sign: emotional, intuitive, dreamy, nurturing, secretive and imaginative). The stellium is in the fifth house(house 5 is a domain of creativity and genius)--royal self expression of individuality.

Therefore: activated energies---Pisces(Jupiter) and Leo(Sun).

To be more accurate:  intuitive, imaginary, dreamy, secretive and nurturing energy of Pisces is used for expressing individual originality and genius.

2. Madam Blavatsky: Ascendant sign is Gemini and stellium is in the sign of Leo in the third house from ascendant. Moon sign is Virgo.

a. Stellium from Ascendant: Stellium is in the fiery sign Leo(spontaneous, inspired, enthusiastic, outgoing, passionate, self-centered, visionary, dramatic, instinctual) and it's in the third house.

Therefore: activated energies---Leo(Sun) and Gemini(Mercury).
To be more accurate: spontaneous, inspired, enthusiastic, outgoing, passionate, self-centered, visionary, dramatical, instinctual energy of Leo is being channeled for creative self expression through writing and communication and gatherings.
b. Stellium from Moon:   Moon is in Virgo. The stellium occurs in the 12th house from Moon.

Energies activated: Leo(Sun) and Pisces(Jupiter)

To elaborate:  intuitive, imaginary, dreamy, secretive and nurturing energy of Pisces is channelized for attaining final liberation(moksha) or for occult and magick.

3. Osho a.k.a Acharya Rajneesh   

You might like to see my detailed analysis of Osho's stellium in these articles: 
Osho: The Black Swan in Vedic Astrology Part 1
Osho: The Black Swan in Vedic Astrology Part 2

Lets proceed with the brief case study--

a. Stellium from Ascendant: 

Ascendant sign is Taurus and Moon sign is Sagittarius. Stellium is in the sign of Sagittarius(Jupiter)(jovial, philosophical, spiritual, mystical, outgoing, spontaneous, passionate, instinctual energy). The stellium is in the eighth house(Scorpio--Mars)
Activated energies: Sagittarius(Jupiter) and Scorpio(Mars)

Therefore: fiery, spiritual, mystical, outgoing, spontaneous, passionate instinctual energy of Sagittarius is channelized for achieving self-transformation and Tantra.

b. Stellium from Moon:   Moon sign is Sagittarius--i.e. Moon is a part of 5 planet stellium.

Stellium is in house 1 from Moon.

Therefore: activated energies: Sagittarius(Jupiter) and Aries(Mars)

Which means that fiery, spiritual, mystical, outgoing, spontaneous, passionate instinctual energy of Sagittarius is being channelized for achieving egoistic self-expression, bodily personality consciousness and social interaction to lead others.

4. Rajiv Gandhi

You might like to see my detailed analysis of Rajiv Gandhi's stellium in these articles: 

Rajiv Gandhi: Black Swan In Vedic Astrology-Part 1
Rajiv Gandhi: Black Swan in Vedic Astrology-Part 2

Here we have ascendant and Moon sign as Leo. Stellium occurs in Leo(spontaneous, inspired, enthusiastic, outgoing, passionate, self-centered, visionary, dramatic, instinctual).

Therefore: activated energies: Leo(Sun) and Aries(house 1)(Mars)

The spontaneous, inspired, enthusiastic, outgoing, passionate, self-centered, visionary, dramatic and instinctual energy is being channelized for egoistic self-expression, bodily personality consciousness and social interaction to lead others.

 5. Rahul Dravid

   The ascendant and Moon sign are same: Pisces. Stellium occurs in the sign of Sagittarius(Jupiter)(jovial, philosophical, spiritual, mystical, outgoing, spontaneous, passionate, instinctual energy). The stellium is in the tenth house(Capricorn)(Saturn)(materialistic self-expression in highly visible public domains.)

Therefore: activated energies are: Sagittarius(Jupiter) and Capricorn(Saturn/Mars)

Which suggests that native is channelizing jovial, philosophical, spiritual, mystical, outgoing, spontaneous, passionate, instinctual energy of Sagittarius(Jupiter) for materialistic practical high visibility public domains.

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To be continued...

Monday, 22 September 2014

In Search of the Miraculous by P. D. Ouspensky

In Search of the Miraculous(ISOM) is undoubtedly one of the most bogus books I have read in the long time. It has nothing miraculous about it. The bogus student of an insincere teacher makes a career by writing a book about his adventures. From the very beginning his premise is flawed--he used to visit oriental schools in search of miraculous(read occult powers!). He was consistently pursuing a career in journalism even when undertaking journeys in east. He never had an intention of realizing himself---he just wanted to make it big as a writer. { Ah! I might be completely wrong about charismatic disciple of charismatic Guru--but that is the impression he makes on my mechanical mind!}

  The teachings of the teacher have nothing novel about them--but he never fails to underscore the fact(read fantasy) that he is the first man to introduce those teachings to the world. He boldly asserts along with his disciples that the very fact because of which the people like me assume this teaching to be an old teaching proves that we are machines. What a catch huh? If I fail to admit that your teaching is a pile of shit I must not be a machine!

Gurdjieff is an example of a failed Guru--not because he did not succeed in teaching but because aim of the teaching was crooked from the beginning. Yes, it was beelzebub teaching to his grandchildren about how to break out of mechanicalness and start doing. Oh really? What could a machine do?


What could a man do?

A man is capable of playing with his disciples. A man can hypnotize people(machines). A man can kill a yak from a distance of 3 miles with his psychic power! A man can choose to improve his telepathic skills. If you think you have understood the teachings you have failed to understand---if you think you don't understand shit---you're right--keep groping in the dark because there is no teaching there whatsoever! Then, is it Zen, you might be asking--no it's hard science of Beelzebub!

Wow--this is what he calls miraculous! Becoming man from a machine to exercise power of whole mind---what a great aim to work for!

The aim to get rid of suffering is not an aim for G. He is least concerned with it---he wants you to become capable of reincarnating again and again--this way you become immortal and capable of suffering. Satan is God absolute--pay homage to him by consciously choosing power over pity.

What about novelty of teachings?

There is nothing new about them. No matter how vehemently he asserts that his teachings are fresh and original---they're a mix of old and hogwash. Advaita Vedanta had it thousands of years before him as teachings---that man is dreaming whole the time---the world is illusory. Raman, Nisargadatta, Shankaracharya, Jiddu and a lot of others are teaching the same---that you're not remembering yourself and you have allowed yourself to mingle so much with the sense objects  that you've created identification with them resulting in loss of 'being' --which is the very cause of suffering.

Just because you rephrase an old teaching it doesn't become a new teaching. Aside from it--the teaching has no grand aim at all---it's similar to Satanist teachings---all with same aim---becoming a vehicle to so called higher intelligence which is hell bent on sucking blood and bones. It's not about getting liberated for once and for all--it's about becoming more intelligent so that you rule over those machines which are part of accident.

Thanks beelzebub for your enlightenment. No matter how enlightened you're I prefer my sleep over your awakening--oh yes, because I am so pettifogging a sucker of mechanicalness. 

There are two ways in Indian Yogic system---one goes towards God and another towards Siddhis--occult powers---the second part ensures that you never make it out of material illusion. Whether the first part does leads to God or actually to Satan posing in the shape of God might be a moot point for another day----Beelzebub's path is definitely the second one---making you mired in quag of occult powers and giving you a false sense of obnoxious--superior awakening over machines in your neighbourhood.

If you have not read the book, save yourself some time---the core of his teachings is--'self remembering'---so remember yourself and don't enter into the bogus world of obnoxious teacher who could not awaken himself leave alone his disciples.

The infamous Osho took legacy from Gurdjieff--take money from kiddas and keep it for yourself--instill the feeling in them that they are awakening and they are superior to the machines around them and keep on telling tales to your grandchildren!

Never ever interpret Charisma as enlightenment. The fourth way leads to eternal craving.    


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson

I was disappointed by the book or I should say I was disillusioned after reading it. The tag line describing the content of book affirms it to be The final secret of Illuminati. Let me warn you---it is not a book about Illuminati.

It's a semi-autobiographical work by Robert Anton Wilson, celebrated author of Illuminatus trilogy. According to the author this is his most talked about work in the sense that he received copious amount of communication from wide range of audience on it. 

The book is divided in three parts--I liked the first part over the other two. The book contains mostly RAW's(Robert Anton Wilson) pseudo-scientific experiments with various drugs, his visions and experience with synchronicities surrounding Sirius(the dog star), number 23, Timothy Leary, Aleister Crowley and others mostly of his ilk. 

You will find author extolling Timothy Leary in most of the book. No wonder Timothy Leary appreciates him in the preface of the book. By author's account Timothy Leary introduced the author to his mate in prison as 'The wisest person on the face of earth.' So, yes, this is a book telling you how substantial ideas of Timothy Leary and Crowley were. This book is also about overoptimistic claims of author about immortality and space-travel. You may prefer optimism over pessimism, but too optimistic claims which don't materialize in reality lead eventually to pessimism in my humble opinion. Take for example--claims like space colonies by year 2000, immortality by year 2012 and so on. You don't expect such things from the wisest person on face of earth, do you?

In the beginning, RAW makes an impression of a real agnostic, but if you read carefully enough you would find that he is a believer. He just poses a face to sound like one open to many interpretations, but if you proceed through book, you find that he is not what he pretends to be---he is a firm believer in almost everything 'Leary' and 'Crowley'. Moreover--the book is not about finding the ultimate truth or peace of mind---but rather making yourself subject to higher intelligences---whatever they might be--so this book seems to be Satanic, though it attempts a lot to sound not like one.

I think it might have been a cerebral work for the audience when it was published back in 1977--but today as I read it--it's mostly crap---not because I am too skeptical or Science has advanced a lot--but rather because most of the predictions of the author failed horribly. The experiments done by RAW cannot be performed by an average reader because: drugs are not available to him! The book is about author's friend Leary, about Crowley(his spiritual Guru) and about himself. I think you should not waste your time reading it. And yes--there is no final secret of Illuminati in the book.

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Django Unchained---A Quentin Tarantino Masterpiece

It's a Quentin Tarantino  masterpiece. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest directors of all time.The movie has all the ingredients of an all time great movie. It has fantastic comedy, amazing drama and some of the best performances I have ever seen. The songs and soundtrack is so astoundingly beautiful that I hardly have words to describe it. The story, written by Quentin Tarantino is a profound tale. It is such a nice thriller of a movie that it hardly makes you feel bored even for a single minute. 

Some of the scenes are so comical that you laugh out loud and wonder how remarkably well his command  over the medium is. The camera work is flawless. The director of the Pulp Fiction keeps giving you unexpected twists till the end. He tells a story about a most sensitive subject in a very light-hearted manner with panache.

Performances by Christoph Waltz, Samuel Jackson, Leonardo Dicaprio and Jamie Foxx were brilliant; however I loved performance by Samuel Jackson the most. Action is dramatically well balanced and dialogues are marvellous. This is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. And it's the best movie I have seen since Inception. It reminded me of Sergio Leone's western classics with great action, dialogues and music. 

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Create your own meditation sanctuary

If you practice meditation you might like to build your own meditation sanctuary. It's a little space which you give yourself for meditation regularly. It might be a secluded corner of your house, or a place in a park where you can meditate everyday or it might be in a hut in a jungle--it depends on you. 

What is really important is to regularly practice at the same place everyday. By doing so that place will get charged with positive emanations from you. These vibrations would keep on accumulating there day after day and they would make it an appropriate atmosphere for your meditation practice. It would become more and more easier for you to practice as the time passes by because of the very vibrations created by your regular practice. 

It's a fact that those who have sensitized themselves enough are able to feel vibrations of an atmosphere much more quickly than others. Their minds work like antennas to receive signals from atmosphere. The places which naturally make you feel calm and positive are most suited for meditation. If you could arrange a place near a water source it would be excellent as it helps dissolve some of the negative energy off your system easily. There are places of unique anthropological importance for such practices--for example pyramidal and dome like designs are considered powerful conduits to channel positive cosmic energy into the structures --therefore they are most suited for such practice if you could find silent surroundings as well. 

meditation sanctuary

It's good to have an isolated place where you don't have the fear of getting distracted. A place where telephone, cellphone, television, vehicle horns and other people chattering can't disturb you. If you could arrange a place where other people don't enter except for meditation--it would be best. It's important to realize that if many sincere people meditate together in a place--it's very likely to make it charged quickly with a positive vibrational energy---so actual requirement is not of making yourself alienated from everyone but rather that of getting rid of noises and disturbances.

A place which is neither too cold nor too hot should be chosen for meditation. It should be free from rodents, roaches, flies, insects and mosquitoes. There should not be a lot of things in the place where you meditate--that is to say--to have a lot of open space and fresh air is good for meditation.  

To have some good plants, trees or pebbles around would be good if it's an open space, but if it's a closed space it is good to have some soothing paintings or sceneries on walls. It's not a good practice to use incense or fragrances if you want to pull sensory or pranic currents inwards during meditation because they tend to pull your sense of smell outside. 

The places where many people have meditated for many years are very good for your practice. If there are any places in your vicinity where some saints have done their meditation practice in the past--they would be excellent for your practice. I visited Osho international foundation's meditation resort in 2009 in Pune. There they have this pyramidal premise for meditation and there is a water pool next to it. Visitors are allowed only to stand near the water pool and they cannot enter inside the pyramidal structure---as I was standing near the pool during my visit---some kind of spiritual current which was titillating touched me and that positive spiritual vibration stayed with me for at least 5 days afterwards. Similarly if you visit Aurobindo's shrine in Pondicherry you would find a great silence there most suitably charged for meditation. 

It's important to create a meditation sanctuary or find one for quick and long term progress in meditation.

Note: A short note on meditation basics can be pursued here.

A short note on importance of meditation journal can be read here


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Last Supper and The Blood Brotherhood

In his book In Search of the Miraculous, Ouspensky gives an intriguing account of The Last Supper, in chapter V. Quoting Gurdjieff, he tells that the last supper was in fact a magical ceremony belonging to the blood brotherhood.

Gurdjieff tells to his pupil that astral communication is possible between two beings who possess astral body. Such a communication takes place without the material language as we know it. Such a communication can be established between living and living or living and dead. In order to establish a communication with a person living or dead it's necessary to have an object which belonged to that person. 

Blood Brotherhood

Then he goes on to explain blood brotherhood. He says that it is a magic rite among the people of a group who wanted to establish an astral connection with each other. They all mix their blood in a cup and then drink from it--thus establishing a connection which would last even after death. He goes on to say that Jesus gave his blood and flesh(not wine and bread) to those of his disciples who gathered for The Last Supper. In order to make them connected to him even after death. 

Why did Gurdjieff take this example?

Because one of the pupils asked a question to him about Truth in existing religions. Gurdjieff  told them that when a master is present the truth is whole as observed by him but when he passes--the Truth or the teaching passes through many people and becomes distorted and more distorted and becomes horrendous--totally opposed to what it was originally. It is the case with most of the religions and cults.

I think I support this theory of communication. This is a very realistic proposition. But what I disagree with is that what Gurdjieff propounded about The Last Supper was Truth. The saying goes to trust those who consider themselves the seekers of truth and to distrust those who think(or say) that they have found it!  

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Internet Represents Noosphere

Noosphere is not exactly synonymous with universal mind, but I don't think that there is much difference between two, because of the way I perceive the terms. Noosphere is source of your thoughts. Yes, your thoughts don't come from your inside, they come from outside. Interesting thing is--the type of thoughts which rush towards you are in sync with your frequency of vibration. In other words, if you think positive, more and more positive thoughts rush towards you and if you think negative, more and more negative thoughts will rush towards you. 

New Thought Movement's Law of Attraction is a great deal based on the similar concept, albeit with a lot more of optimism than scientific rigor would allow. Like attracts like, think and grow rich and other self-help catch-phrases are cliches of the day now. 

World Wide Web is pretty much mini-Noosphere. You try it yourself--I think you have already done it hundreds of times by now. If you are frustrated and want to commit suicide--Google will help you with hundreds of books and articles to do so. If you want to get rich type those words and internet would pour out millions of articles before you on the subject. Those are some of the very general ideas. Now lets look at some particular states of mind. If you are thinking about a person X, who is a public figure, see how internet would play a role like Noosphere for you. We suppose you are naive and know nothing about X-then if you type X is a great man --you will find hundreds of sources giving logical reasons--about why X is really such a great man. You read through those sources and you might even become convinced of your predilection. Instead, if you choose to type X is an agent of Illuminati(well not all of us consider illuminati bad, so this is just for sake of example that I am considering Illuminati as bad.) you will find equally convincing logical arguments(Well that much for logic or reason!against Mr. X. Type X is Satan and you would get a lot of citations supporting your thinking. Which one is true? Either X is a great man or an agent of Illuminati or Satan incarnate or all of it together, a walking coherence of all absurdities!

Take any subject of study and if you are careful enough to study it from many angles, you would find that internet would leave you confused. It's not to suggest that internet should never be considered as a reliable source for studies of any kind. But it's true that internet would provide you quick rush of positive as well as negative ideas on any subject. Internet does represent Noosphere at a small scale and reason why it's a small scale representation is because it's very young--just a crawling baby. If this civilizations continues to exist for  a while internet would represent more and more of Noosphere--it would become a siamese twin of Universal Mind for most of the cases. Internet either amplifies your doubts on a subject or increases your appreciation for it or best renders you confused based on what you are ready for!

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Monday, 15 September 2014

The Conjuring

Diabolical forces are formidable. These forces are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.--Ed Warren.
The Conjuring

This is a horror flick based on a true story(at least we are told so!). Director James Wan who happens to be director of SAW series does it without making it gory or sensual. Great soundtracks and songs(not just the haunting ones!) add to the craft of good camera work. This movie pays tribute to many good horror movies of past like Exorcist along with Birds of Alfred Hitchcock. The scene with the birds striking against the wall and making you terrified when they encircle the skies outside the house is a great tribute to Hitchcock. End credits roll with gloomy images and some very ominous sounds. A psychic and her husband who are investigators of supernatural phenomena help a family get rid of diabolic forces. This is horrifying thriller which never gets boring. Unlike many boring horror films of past, it does not get gory anytime and yet it succeeds in making its impact on audience. Vera Fermiga impresses with her performance as a psychic like she does in Orphan as a caring mother. I think the movie is slightly underrated--I would give it eight points out of ten. It's a must watch for horror buffs.  

This brilliant comment from a review on IMDb sums it up pretty well:

One issue I've always had with recent films in the genre was that they revealed the demons too much. Insidious and Sinister are examples where they hooked me to the story and then showed me too much. Fear of the unknown is the greatest thing a horror filmmaker has on its audience and Wan has definitely learned from Insidious. In The Conjuring the apparitions aren't revealed to the audience until way late, and even then they're far away or out of focus. Letting us use our imagination is what makes this film truly horrifying, and I think horror filmmakers should be taking notes from Mr. Wan.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Man of Steel

Man of steel evokes great imagery of alien life across the universe. It's a great entertainer. It's full of high-speed action, breath-taking special effects and magical scenery. It's the only Superman movie I have ever seen and I loved Superman. I used to enjoy watching cartoon series when I was  a kid. This movie revived my memories of past, only with much more colors added to them. 

The alien movies where they are portrayed as intelligent beings appeal more to me, than those where they are just blood sucking horrifying biological organisms. I have not seen movies where aliens are shown as very advanced spiritual beings who don't need to fight or invade, but I think the day of such movies has not come yet because there might not be enough action in them to entertain the general audience of such movies--kids. I think spiritual aliens would look like Gods and then they would seem more like mythologies rather than like science-fiction. 

Anyways, I enjoyed watching 'Man of Steel,' because of many reasons and a very good sound track along with good picture quality are some of the factors. I highly recommend watching this movie if you like some stupendous action and love the superhero flying in the
 sky like a missile. I think what was missing in the movie--was carryover from scene to another  at some of places--which makes it look like a dream-sequence--which is not suitable for a place where high-quality action is taking place in movie. That might be the reason why movie did not better critical reception--otherwise--it seemed like Christopher Nolan's action movies, of course, with the lack of mystery-thriller element in it.

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