Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Einstein Factor

About twelve years ago, I used to live in a small town. I was a voracious reader. Once I went to a big city with my friends to attend an engineering entrance examination. The moment I laid my hands upon a book by chance in a book-store there, I realized that it was something special and I bought it. Its cost was 225 rupees and I just had 500 rupees with me in total.

 I bought the book and came back to home. My parents were not happy with it, but I persisted and today I feel that it was alright to go overboard and buy that book. I did not clear that entrance exam and I could not make my parents happy but I am content that I bought that book, because it had a great positive impact on my thought process.

The book was The Einstein Factor. This is a great self-improvement book written by Win Wenger  and Richard Poe, educators and a pioneers in the field of accelerated learning and creativity. This book gives you many easy to use techniques for improving your creativity, brain functioning and general intelligence, apart from your intelligence quotient (IQ) scores. 

I read this book more than a decade ago and it had a great influence upon my thinking and learning. The main techniques described in the book include: image streaming, freenoting and held-breath-underwater swimming etc. 

This is one of the best books I have ever read and I highly recommend it to everyone interested in improving their brain-functioning.   

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                                                 The Power of Now
                                                  Guru Nanak--Jairam Mishra 
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