Sunday, 24 August 2014


I enjoyed watching oblivion. The sets were great and story had an element of mystery in it. Good music track supports the movie. I think this movie reminded me of Matrix and other plethora of movies where clones have same set of memories. It also reminded me of Galactus because Sally sucks the planetary energies like Galactus does with the difference that Galactus is a living organism but Sally isn't.

Apart from other things movie is all about human element's triumph over machine element. What I found as flaw in story is absolutely retarded alien object. In so many other movies(except in Arthur C Clark/Kubrick's Odyssey) you find that aliens are dumb and don't have any intelligence or sense of humour. I think it's done in these stories to make us believe that we are the only intelligent life forms--the chosen ones and all other alien life forms are destructive and want to kill us. It is considered as cornerstone of scientific fiction I suppose--because if the subtle and  very intelligent life forms are brought into picture they seem divine and then this doesn't remain science fiction but rather becomes mysticism which is to be abhorred by a science fiction set up playing by the book! How tragic indeed! 

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