Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Non Stop entertainment

Non Stop is a very good entertainer of a thriller. After first few minutes, until the end it continues to surprise you. The performances are good and believable twists make their mark. The protagonist Bill(Liam Neesom) makes you more and more emotionally attached to him as movie progresses because of his detached goodness and earnestness. Many other performances in this movie are equally good. 

Towards the climax you see thrilling special effects. The reason why this psychopathic terrorist wanted to make his point by killing 150 people seems absurd and lead points towards it but then it's why you consider psychopaths are beyond reasoning.  Is it a whodunit ? Yes. Is it an action movie? Yes. Is it a thriller? Yes--it's a great entertainer which makes you feel claustrophobia of plane along with danger of getting high-jacked with some familiar mystery elements of popular whodunit movies. Very watchable and enjoyable movie all in all. 

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