Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Sanyasa Yoga: Combinations For Renunciation

Sanyasa Yoga is an auspicious combination. After innumerable incarnations when ripening occurs, there arises an intense and acute awareness of suffering, which is known as Vairagya (Detachment). Vairagya leads to the Discrimination(Viveka) and an urge to become liberated which ultimately leads to Moksha or Enlightenment. A powerful Sanyasa Yoga is very rare. It must be noted that there's no complete black & white in renunciation as there's no black and white in gunas of Maya either. There are no persons having completely Sattvic(Harmonious), Rajasic(Passionate) or Tamasic(Inert) tendencies; you tend to find a mixture of them in various proportions in different beings-- similarly there's no perfect renunciation. If you grasp this clearly it becomes easier to deal with various Sanyasa Yogas you encounter in your studies. If Yogas other than Sanyasa, like Rajayogas(Combinations for prosperity) also occur in tandem with Sanyasa Yoga in a horoscope, the person might first get results of those Yogas and then become a renunciate.

Here, lets study some of the factors contributing to Sanyasa in a nativity:

1. Powerful Stelliums: According to a dictum in ancient Astrology texts, whenever there is a conglomeration of four or more planets in a single sign in a horoscope, there arises a Sanyasa Yoga. Then, there are many conditions which must be fulfilled for a powerful Sannyasa Yoga to get formed. In my studies I have observed that arising of Stelliums is not a very rare phenomenon, but Stelliums with 5 or more planets are rare and must be considered carefully for Sannyasa. In the horoscope of Gautama Buddha we see a stellium of 5 planets in the most powerful Kendra, the tenth house in Karma Bhava. This stellium has exalted Sun, Mars in its own house and debilitated Saturn. All these planets aspect the Moon. In horoscope of Albert Einstein you witness a stellium of 4 planets in this very house. In this stellium lagna lord is present but lord of the tenth house is not present. This might be an answer to why this is not a Sannyasa Yoga. Still, you realize that Einstein was almost like a monk, working for a larger than life goal of realizing Theory of Everything. Stelliums suggest concentrated energies. According to ancient Astrology texts, for a strong Sannyasa Yoga to arise it's important that the lord of the tenth from lagna and or lord of the tenth from the Moon should be in the combination. It's also important to realize that if the Moon or Sun is in the combination then it becomes more powerful Yoga for renunciation because Psyche(Moon) or Vitality(Sun) are supported by the Yoga. If these Yogas form in a Kendra(in houses 1, 4, 7, 10) or a Kona( Houses 1, 5, 9) then they're more powerful than otherwise. In case of Osho  you observe this Sannyasa Yoga in the eighth house. There's lord of lagna as well as lord of the tenth house in the combination which make this Yoga even more powerful. Here it must be noticed that since Moon is involved in this strong Sannyasa Yoga, it's in the house 1 from Chandra Lagna, which fulfills the need of Yoga to be in a Kendra Partially. Similarly if a Yoga involves Sun it becomes a strong one as in the case of Gautam Buddha--you see Sun with other planets--this Yoga is in Surya lagna as well as in the tenth from the lagna--hence extremely powerful. In case of Adolf Hitler, you see a very powerful stellium in the seventh house of horoscope --but the lord of the tenth house is not involved in this Yoga and hence renunciation doesn't fructify. 

2. Malefic Affecting Houses 2, 4, 7, 12: Malefics and separative planets should affect houses 2, 4, 7 and 12 in a nativity for a strong Sannyasa Yoga to arise. The second house represents wealth and family among other things. The influence of separative planets and malefics on second house and its lord makes a native uninterested in money and detached from kith and kin. The fourth house represents Mind--influence of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars etc. on the fourth house, its lord and Moon also makes one detached--though in itself it's not sufficient for renunciation. Similarly the twelfth house is a domain for Moksha among other things and influence of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars etc. on the twelfth house and its lord makes one inclined towards renunciation.

3. Lagna Lord and Moon Lord: The lagna lord is an important planet. If it's placed in the eighth house or aspects the eighth house it gives an interest in the occult and esoteric. If Lagna or Moon lord, besides being placed in aforesaid places, is also influenced by the separative planets then it leads to renunciation. For example--a dictum says that the weak lagna lord having an aspect from weak Saturn leads to renunciation. A weak Moon lord having an aspect from the weak Saturn also leads to renunciation. The aspect of the twelfth lord to Lagna and Moon lords should also be considered detaching. Ideally, there shouldn't be aspects of other planets/benefics to lagna lord or Moon lord in such a combination. In the horoscope of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi you see a debilitated Moon lord(Sun) getting an aspect from a debilitated Saturn and the debilitated Saturn also aspects the weak lagna lord Jupiter.This gives rise to a powerful Sannyasa Yoga in his horoscope. 

4. Navamsa and Marriage Lord: The Navamsa should also be carefully studied for strength of the planets in these Yogas as well as for their subtle implications. The Atmakaraka is the planet with the highest degrees in any sign. Atmakaraka in the Pisces navamasa suggests a ripened soul. The seventh house suggests marriage and if the lord of the seventh is influenced by malefics in navamsa as well as the lagna--then marriage is denied. This in itself doesn't mean renunciation--but might be considered as one of the factors. Venus is the karaka for marriage as well as material pleasures in general. It should be weak in strength in Rashi as well as Navamsa charts in order for a native to be a renunciate in general. Ashtakvarga strength of Venus is usually less in the charts of ascetics. But it must be noted that in certain devotees Venus might strong yet suggesting divine love or the love with the Ishta rather than material love and mundane pleasures. For example Venus is fortified in charts of some of the greatest of devotees like Ramkrishna Paramhamsa, Meerabai, Surdas, Tukaram and Dalai Lama.   

5. Other Pravrajya Yogas: Following combinations are directly taken from Jagannath Hora software descriptions--in order to facilitate those who are searching for materials on Astrology. You may download the software from the link given and use it easily for your studies. 
(i) Moon and Saturn together in Arudha Lagna. Arudha Lagna is a special Lagna which represents how a native appears to the society. This combination suggests renunciation austere life.
(ii) Moon and Saturn aspecting Arudha Lagna. This combination suggests an inclination to renounce the material comforts.
(iii) Lagna at the end of a sign with a benefic in it and Jupiter in a Kendra/Kona: Suggests an ascetic who attains final emancipation. 
(iv) Moon's dispositor aspected only by Saturn.
(v) Moon in a navmasa of Mars aspected in Rasi only by Saturn. image sources: 1 2 3

Friday, 12 December 2014

Steady Remembrance With Timestamps

Remembering is soul of spiritual practices. In Bhakti Yoga, it's the holy name of the lord and in Jnana Yoga it's remembrance of sense of being. Earnestness is cornerstone of success in spiritual practices. 

If you don't keep on checking frequently you fall into forgetfulness and start dreaming. You might be under the dangerous assumption that you're doing nothing else but remembering constantly, while in actuality you might be remembering very little. It happens that if you tell a beginner to remember himself, he might be shocked and might say that it's a useless practice since he anyway remembers himself all the times. Only when someone diligently starts remembering himself he comes to know how difficult it actually is. Similarly practice of remembering holy names of God is--you might carry beads and rosaries with you all day long but might remember very little. 

In case of true meditation the activities and relations of the world seem like faint clouds on surface of vast blissful sky of the consciousness. In case of pretentious meditation, remembrance is like a cloud and the world and activities take up the entire space of awareness. Masters suggest that you always keep more attention on remembering than on the activities. Interest creates the world. Interest runs the world. Lack of interest makes world dissolve into thin air.

You might take an approach of alienation--getting lost into the oblivion to meditate. Isolation might be good to reinforce remembrance but it works good only as a booster. If you don't practice the remembrance in the world and the market--stagnation would set-in. On the other hand, being totally in the market place all the times would tend to create lack of attention too. Therefore both of them are needed. The marketplace, the world, the society are what have created the dark inside you so you need to change those into light by shedding light on those reactions which is possible only when they get triggered in the market place. Otherwise they hide and you might be practicing meditation in a cave all the time thinking that everything is fine.  

P. D. Ouspensky writes in his book In Search of The Miraculous, that when his master Gurdjieff asked him to remember himself all the times, with equal attention the activities he was doing in course of the day, he realized for the first time in his life that he actually remembered himself very little. He writes that at once he forgot himself for complete two hours! This is actually what happens with all beginners. You might think that you remember yourself all the times but you forget yourself too soon in practice. That is why timestamps might help. Make a habit of remembering to check on whether you're remembering yourself or not. If you chant a mantra then also this would help a lot. Just observe any activity or time and associate it with remembrance and then you know that sleep would set-in after a while and when you wake up after the sleep--that's when you again remember to remember you would know(like P. D. Ouspensky)--exactly how long you were asleep--this would reinforce the behavior of remembering in you more and more and gradually the gaps of forgetfulness would become lesser and lesser. 

Wishing you very best in your meditation practices. Yours truly!

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Charles Chaplin's City Lights

Note: This review contains spoilers!

Charles Chaplin's City Lights is a 1931 Comedy Romance Drama film. Like other Charlie Chaplin movies he did pantomime, music as well as direction for this film. This film is a work of genius-simple yet very moving

This film is mostly a comedy but a very emotional romantic touch moves you deeply towards the end. The eternal tramp is so kind hearted that his kindness touches you deep down. The tramp first saves a millionaire from committing suicide and becomes his friend. Some fun follows but the problem is that the millionaire forgets everything about the tramp as soon as he becomes sober.

There is some fun but owing to the affectionate kindness towards the blind flower seller girl the tramp has to undergo severe tests. He works for a job and fights in a boxing match. This boxing match is perhaps most hilarious boxing match you have ever seen! This is one of the funniest scenes in the history of cinema. The peculiar emotional response evoked by Charlie Chaplin is always very difficult to assess because he's so vulnerable, kind and yet comical at the same time. His sheer poverty calls for the empathy but the comical genius makes you revise your estimate of his character because he's very very formidable. The tramp loses the boxing match too after having entertained you dramatically.

Finally drunken millionaire again meets  the tramp and gives money to him to help blind girl pay her rent and gain sight. The twisted turn of fateful events makes tramp look like a robber and on-the-run from police he helps the blind girl. He sentimentally bids adieu to the girl. He is soon caught by police and goes to jail. In the climax-the flower selling girl who has gained vision after an operation is working in a shop whereas the poor but very kind tramp is released from the prison. He's laughed at because he looks so wretched. Even the girl who notices him outside her shop laughs at him at first but then tries to help him. When she touches his hand to give him a penny she realizes by recognizing the memory of touch that it's the same kind person who helped her in her toughest times. Then the tramp smiles and film ends. This is one of the most beautiful, most sentimental and most romantic of all movie scenes I have ever seen. 

This is a very enjoyable movie--one of the best movies ever made--a testimony to versatile genius Charlie Chaplin's greatness. It's nostalgic and brilliant. I highly recommend it. Thanks for reading. 

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

The Game(1997)

This is a very enjoyable mystery thriller which keeps you hooked till the end. Despite its length the movie is a great mystery. The twists and turns are very psychological in nature and play on to induce paranoia in audience and protagonist. You would certainly enjoy watching this film methinks. 

The performances are outstanding. Michael Douglas, Sean Penn and Deborah Kara Unger have done a great job. The story is very nicely paced, building tension gradually, by and by like those horrors of Sixties by Roman Polanski. There might be certain doubts about execution of a few twists and impact of them on the protagonist but just because I don't want to spoil the plot for you I would say that it's always fun enjoying such fiction even if it has a few loop-holes. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Lila: The Play of the Absolute

Question: You say that considering myself to be a body-mind is root cause of all errors. But I see so many Jeevas taking birth in my world, surely it cannot be an accident, an error in the judgement by supreme Self?

Answer: There are two things to be sorted out clearly here. The first is--yes, there cannot be any error or accident as far as the Supreme or Absolute is concerned. I enter into the embodied existence in order to face opposite. The real, the self faces its opposite, which is embodied existence and the universe. Whenever there is a birth a universe appears. The moment sense of 'I am' comes into the existence at the time of birth, a universe comes into existence. The sense of 'I am' lies dormant in a newborn for a few years but it's there right from the moment of his birth. The universe and mind body come into existence together.

Now you might think like this--there are so many jeevas in the universe--why do I want to constantly face the opposites only to wake again from this horrible nightmare. The answer is simple: There are no other embodied existences-but only one--that's you feeling yourself to be inside a body-mind which is inside a universe. The moment you become liberated your universe dissolves. Multiplicity is an illusion. It's very easy to understand if you talk about facts and leave fancies aside. 

Now-why must Self face the opposites to know itself? In the great silence of Self everything is contained--knowing and not-knowing, albeit in a potential form. It's not a necessity but rather a play Lila which  gives rise to innumerable universes. It's a play beyond descriptions because entertainment or boredom etc. don't apply to a state beyond mind. Causation is possible only inside universe made by mind. Outside the universe causation is inapplicable like Time and Space. The play is uncaused. 

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Saturday, 6 December 2014

An Easy Understanding of Planetary Dignities in Vedic Astrology

You know about exaltation and debilitation signs of planets. How about we discuss their dignities in other signs. In this post we would take a few signs for easy understanding.

Jupiter gets exalted in the sign Cancer and debilitated in the sign Capricorn.

There is a dictum in Vedic Astrology texts which states that Jupiter in Aquarius gives almost as good results as it gives when in the sign Cancer. Why it should be so?

It's easy to understand it like this: The debilitation sign is a sign where planet was under immense pressure. It was almost like a prison for him. Once it's somehow released from prison it starts feeling fresh air outside. Though the memory of the time he has spent in the prison lingers in the back of head it feels great to be outside. Can be extrapolate this principle for other planets? let's try doing this!

Sun gets debilitated in the sign Libra, therefore it should feel great in the sign immediately following after Libra. It's almost as good as exaltation but not exactly as good. This sign is owned by friend Mars and it's a watery sign as well. You should compensate these things while thinking through the karmic energies activated by a Sun in Scorpio in any natal horoscope. Even Mars who happens to be the owner of the sign Scorpio doesn't feel as good as in Aries, because Aries is a fiery sign and Scorpio is a watery sign. The same criterion should be used to judge the strength of Sun in the sign Scorpio.

Mars becomes debilitated in the watery-emotional sign Cancer. The sign immediately after is Leo owned by Sun who happens to be a great friend. Needless to say Mars feels as good as exalted or in its own house in the sign Leo. It would be safe to say that Mars would feel better than the sign Scorpio in Leo because of aforesaid factors. 

Venus becomes debilitated in the earth sign Virgo. The sign following happens to be its own sign Libra. You can assume that Venus feels as good as exalted in Libra. If you were to weigh the strength of Venus in its two houses Taurus and Libra--it should be easy to say that Libra would be an easier house. 

Mercury becomes debilitated in the sign Pisces. Mercury is a calculator who deals in concrete pros and cons and likes to chatter. In the dream land of Pisces it feels overwhelmed. It makes him feel lost. After visiting to Pisces, in the fiery sign owned by Mars, Mercury feels excited. In Aries, Mercury should feel as good as in Gemini or Virgo.

Saturn gets debilitated in fiery fast moving dominating leadership sign Aries. He moves slowly and hence he feels bad when inside the blasting fiery aggressive home of Mars. After getting released from this penitentiary he founds solace in the friendly house Taurus. Here he confers as good results as in the sign Libra.

Moon gets debilitated in the watery emotional outburst of Tantric energy house of Mars. After getting released from Scorpio purgatory Moon feels great in the home of friend Jupiter. Moon feels almost as good in Sagittarius as in Taurus. You should however take into the account the factors like earth versus fiery sign. Pleasure versus Dharma loving owners in order to adjust the weightages in two signs for Moon.

I am leaving Rahu and Ketu because they're too complicated. Different classical texts suggest that they are exalted in different signs. Some texts say that Rahu gets exalted in Taurus and debilitated in Scorpio, whereas others say that it's the other way around. It's confusing so let's leave them aside.

Now what about Ucchabhilashi?

A planet who is about to approach to his favorite house must feel very enthusiastic. Sun gets exalted in Aries, therefore in Pisces since it's near exaltation, it must feel very good. Similarly, Jupiter should feel very good in Gemini, Moon in Aries, Saturn in Virgo and Venus in Aquarius should also feel exuberant. Mercury should feel great about Leo which is a sign of Sun. 

Now let's understand the planets approaching the debilitation signs.

It's like your lawyer is working on a case in which you have been accused of doing something and you know that he's losing. In a few days you know that you're bound to go to jail. How would you feel? That similar feeling is associated with planets approaching their debilitation points. There should be some exceptions to this rule as well. For example: Jupiter gets debilitated in the sign Capricorn, therefore by this rule he should feel down and depressed in Sagittarius--but it happens to be his office. He owns Jupiter and feels very inclined to preach Dharma and Philosophy in this sign!

Moon gets debilitated in the sign Scorpio, therefore it doesn't feel great in the signs Virgo and Libra. Venus gets debilitated in the sign Virgo, therefore it doesn't feel great in the sign Leo. Saturn doesn't feel great in the dream land owned by Jupiter either as it's very near to its debilitation point Aries.

Mercury feels insecure in the sign Aquarius because it's near debilitation point. Sun doesn't feel great in the sign Virgo because it's near its debilitation point Libra. 

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Meditation is sucking from the breasts of mother nature!

Stop thinking, and end your problems.What is difference between yes and no?

What is difference between success and failure?

Must you value what others value, avoid what others avoid?How ridiculous!
Other people are excited,as though they were at a parade.I alone don't care,I alone am expressionless,like an infant before it can smile.
Other people have what they need;I alone possess nothing.I alone drift about, like someone without a home. I am like an idiot, my mind is so empty.

Other people are bright; I alone am dark. Other people are sharper; I alone am dull. Other people have a purpose; I alone don't know. I drift like a wave on the ocean, I blow as aimless as the wind.
I am different from ordinary people. I drink from the Great Mother's breasts.
                                        ---Tao Te Ching, Verse 20. Lao Tzu

Meditation is like sucking from the breasts of mother nature. Have you observed newborns sucking from the breasts of mother nature. They enjoy it. It's not only the only source of sustenance for them, but also a source of immense pleasure and a form of play as well. Observe closely the kids of all species who suck from the mother nature's breasts--it's a play for them, that's why they enjoy it and they love it. It's never boring. It's both sustenance as well as play. They don't follow any routine for drinking. They don't have a time table for the same! 

For grown ups, both eating and meditation might be boring. Eating is boring because you've to be somewhere else or eat something else. Meditation might be boring because you've to be somewhere else or do something else. The young cherubic enjoys sucking the same milk every time. He enjoys it because it's harmonious. He's harmonious and the process is harmonious. It's full of Sattva. Sattva is harmony.

Deeper your slumber is, more the number of rules required to keep you on routine. Why do you need an alarm clock? Because you sleep sound. Why do you need rules? Because you're in a deep sleep. The routines are required because of the sleep. You need a routine for exercise, a routine to meditate, a routine to do this and another to do that. It's because harmony is lacking. Nothing is natural in your life anymore. There is no flow or spontaneity. Everything is prepared, planned and routinized. You're a machine and live a mechanical life.

Meditation is not true if it's routinized. It should be like sucking from the breasts of mother nature. Whenever you want to play or you're hungry you suck from the breasts of mother nature. This is true meditation. Meditation must be spontaneous. There must be a flow about it. Meditation should make you feel harmonious and full. It should not make you feel bored.   

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

You are neither conscious nor unconscious

You're the absolute. The absolute is free from contradictions and dualities. Many people think that absolute(you may call it Superconsciousness, God or Self) must be conscious. It's false. Absolute is free from contradictions and dualities. Whatever has contradictions and dualities is mind made.

When there is no duality in the absolute-how could it be conscious. If it's conscious, there must be something which is not conscious or which is unconscious. You are the absolute which exists beyond consciousness and unconsciousness. 

If your God is conscious-he is not absolute. He's because of consciousness or you might say that sum total of consciousness is God. All universes exist in consciousness and consciousness exists in you.  

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Supernatural: Hunteri Heroici

Supernatural season 8's episode 8 is one of my most favorite episodes. It has all the ingredients of a finest episode. The case begins as a very suspenseful story--first a person loses his life after his heart starts pounding vehemently in front of his girlfriend and bursts. Then there is a funny case of suicide where a man walks on air for a few seconds and then a black hole bank robbery. 

There are few scenes of Sam's recalling his moments with Amelia, his love interest when Dean was in Purgatory. Then there is also call from heaven for Castiel. Castiel's dialogues are funniest--his trying to be a hard cop for making a lady confess is hilarious.

The crimes are being executed by the director of the old house who is using an old psychic who is telekinetic. That old man lives in his dream world. It's very adventurous to see Castiel and Sam walk into the dream world of the old man. This makes for some of the finest moments in Supernatural. This episode begins as a very mysterious suspense thriller case and molds into a cartoon world and then there are hilarious dialogues. This is why i think it's one of my most favorite episodes on Supernatural. Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fear of God

Many moralists regard fear of God as good. It's considered that it makes a person holy. I don't consider such holiness very good. I think it's superficial. Saint Tulsidas has written "बिनु भय होई न प्रीत," which means "without fear there is no love," that's love of God comes out of fear of God. Well, such love is very superficial indeed.

Until there is duality there would always be fear. Until you're fully convinced that you alone are and God is not different from you, you're bound to be afraid of God, because no matter how benevolent a God is if he's different from you, you would remain uncertain about him. 

Jean Paul Sartre has written "The other is hell."

Friedrich Nietzsche has written written "If there is a God, how could he be different from me?"

Poet Saint Kabir has said :

अवधू बेगम देश है मेरा,जहाँ ना उपजे मरे न बिनसे,नहीं काल का फेरा!!जहाँ न ईश्वर, जीव न माया,पूजक, पूज्य, न चेरा!कहत कबीर सुनो भाई साधो,नहीं तहाँ द्वैत बखेड़ा ! 

My realm is divine Ayodhya,
where nobody takes birth, nobody dies.
There is no devourer Time.
There is no God, no Maya, no Soul,There is no worshipper or worshipped.Oh good man listen, Kabir says:There is no problems of Duality!!

The  God can never be present in fear or duality. God is present in absolute fearlessness. God is present in love of self. Self is loved. When everything is considered your own self, then the true love is.

image source: here and here

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Supernatural--Season 8

Supernatural is an enduring show. I started with the season 9 because I did not like season 1 much. The season 9 was satisfactory. Now I am watching season 10 as well as season 8. 

Supernatural has many types of episodes. Some of them are just anchors to give writers and producers a little bit of space so that they can think through. You might call them box-episodes. These episodes are often dedicated to audiences as well and they're obviously well liked. In many such episodes there are parallel universes where protagonists Winchesters visit. Then there are episodes which are fresh and contain either characters which are newly introduced in the story or which last only for a single episode. There are episodes which are part of the story which continues from previous seasons. The most intriguing episodes for me are such episodes because they have a powerful story line.

The season 8 has first few episodes which are in line with what happened in the season 7. That's what makes them so very interesting. If you've been following season 10, you would feel to concur that initial episodes were interesting but now they're not that attractive because they're building upon new episodes. It happens in almost every season. The main story line is active for while and then becomes dormant and then it starts becoming active again towards the end. Thus supernatural has a peculiar mix of type of episodes and wide variety of supernatural phenomena to draw upon. Looking at the first few episodes of season 8, it seems more intriguing than both season 9 and 10 to me. I hope that the season 10 would get more and more compelling with the passage of time! The funniest thing about supernatural is--that whoever dies in this show comes back in some point of time!!

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Life is Beautiful(La Vita E Bella)

This is an Italian film. It's one of the best movies I have ever seen. It's a romantic comedy. It's very hilarious in the first half and sentimentally romantic in the second. Roberto Benigni bagged oscar award for his brilliant comical performance and superb direction in this film. The story, like other movies similar to Schindler's List  has a world war Nazi concentration camp theme about it, but unlike most of them this movie is not very emotionally heavy. The protagonist is a brilliant comedian and many chance events help him in his hilarious timing of comical events to impress his beloved. He's one of the most lively characters you've ever seen on big screen. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie and I hope you would enjoy it as well. Many thanks for reading. 

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Lunar transits affected by associations and aspects

Lunar transits are also known as Gochara in Vedic Astrology. These are most easy to understand and observe because Moon takes just 2.25 days to traverse through a sign. Moon represents mind and our moods are very palpably affected by transits of Moon from various houses with reference to our natal Moon. 

I did a brief note covering basics of lunar transits in this very blog. Interested readers might pursue that note here:

Lunar Transit's Impact Varies For Moon Signs

Now let's discuss something related to other planetary aspects affecting lunar transits. I would take an example to explain how other planets affect changes in lunar transits from the standard.

Suppose Moon is transiting through the natal house 1 for a native. In that case, general interpretation says that native would get lucky, feel productive and get favors from the persons of opposite sex. Now let's consider that Mars is transiting through the first house as well and this Mars is hot enough, i. e., it has malefic aspects or it's retrograde. What happens now? Now, Moon would not be able to give good results and deviations would be because cold rays of Moon have become hot enough to cause agitation and disturb in the mind of native. This in turn would make native feel restless and mind cause burning sensation in various body organs and might even cause bloody diseases as Mars represents blood veins too. Thus we see that Moon which was supposed to give a great result was deviated by malefic planetary associations and the same stands for the aspects.

Now let's consider an opposite scenario. The most difficult transit of Moon is considered the eighth house. It causes mood swings and sudden outburst of depression and anger when transiting through the eighth house. It might even cause disputes and break-ups with the loved ones. Now let's consider a case where Jupiter is also transiting through the eighth house devoid of malefic associations and aspects. Now as Moon transits through the eighth, what happens is--it gets associated with greatest benefic Jupiter. Since it receives healing graceful touch of jovial Jupiter it becomes soothing and the native doesn't feel any negative repercussions of this difficult transit. Thus we see that what should have been a difficult transit becomes a most auspicious one.

This was an easy example to take into the consideration the effect of various planetary associations and aspects on transiting Luna. It might be extrapolated to draw a broad understanding of predictive nature of transit Astrology. Many thanks for reading through this article and please free to comment and share.

   image source: here and here

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Predestination: A thought provoking thriller!

Predestination is a thought provoking science-fiction thriller based on a short story. This story, written by Robert A Heinlein is called All You Zombies. The story has many intriguing elements including Ouroboros and chicken and egg paradox.

There is not a need to spoil the plot of this movie. I read a few reviews after having watched this movie. I found those reviews entertaining, but as happens with all such movies those reviews and discussions are all equally valid. In other words, you're better off if you don't read them at all(Provided you discount the enjoyment you get with the reading; if you get such an enjoyment at all...). My two cents are that the lesser you know about this movie more you enjoy watching it. This is a very entertaining thriller. It has many quite unpredictable twists and turns in the plot. It also has one of the easiest to use time-travel machines I have hitherto seen.

The movie is well paced and keeps you hooked for whole 97 minutes. The performances are good enough but they could have been better and soundtrack is amazing. If you're a science-fiction aficionado you would not regret watching this film. 

image source: here

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Easiest Understanding of Karma

Karma has been compared to a boomerang. In the language of origin, Sanskrit, Karma means doing. It's in fact doing, but the concept assimilates much more than that. Karma is also what happens to you. Karma is sum total of all intention vectors in your psyche. 

In general, whatever happens to you is mysteriously related to whatever you do. More accurately, how you feel is related closely to what you do. They're interwoven with each other. As you sow, so you reap, is a famous saying. At one level or another almost everyone has some faith in Karma. In various belief systems there might be various agencies which work for bringing out justice and that justice is known as Karma. In Hinduism, God looks after the Karma and in Buddhism Karma is a self-sufficient law which needs no external agency to look after it. 

I am convinced that Karma's easiest understanding is the one I have. It's not to suggest that it's best or it's better than any other understandings. It's also not my intention to suggest that you cannot do without Karma. It's just that Karma is a valid enough rule in this dream world.

My understanding is that there is just one reality. This reality is not different from me. I am that ultimate reality which is known as Self, God, Superconsciousness, Logos, Existence, Tao and many other names. It goes without saying that I am not any of these: Personality, Body, Mind etc. I am beyond all concepts. I am what everything is. There is nothing else but me. When I am convinced about this--Karma becomes too easy to understand. 

Whatever I give, I give to myself, because there is nobody else.   

Now, it becomes clear that if I am truthful, honest and generous, I am bound to get back Truth, Honesty and Generosity. 

What do I really want? Love and Bliss is my nature. Whatever I do, I do in order to be happy. I do everything out of love for myself. That which I want for myself, should be given out all the times. I must love everyone as much as I think I love myself. There is nobody else, but me; therefore, whatever love and care I give out, I give out only to myself. With such an understanding, it's inevitable that I would get love love and compassion, because it's what I am giving out every moment. 

Moreover, loving others is not possible unless I love myself first. This is true because, I alone am; if I hate myself and think that I can love others, it's just impossible. I am everything; therefore when i love myself fully and unconditionally, that fragrance of love permeates through my being and everyone in my world feels loved.

This is simplest understanding of Karma. You alone are. Give whatever you want to give out, with the steady remembrance that you're giving to yourself and you'll be sure to get that back in plenty.  

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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life of Pi

Life of Pi is a stunning visual masterpiece. There are very few films I have ever seen, which are more visually pleasing than this one. It's also a tale of adventure of a brave boy with a young adult Bengal Tiger. You see so many beautiful animals in this film. Orangutans, meerkats, lizards, zebras and birds--all so beautiful. The first part is shot in Pondicherry, India--which is so beautiful. It just looks like the South of France(narrator says so in the film). I have been to Pondicherry a few times and that place is very beautiful and serene. 

The rest of the film has been shot in sea. I think it's pacific ocean. The special visual effects like thunderstorms and tiger with the kid in the life-boat are as breathtaking as the deluge of flying fishes and dream sequence. The carnivorous island where Pi lands accidentally is so full of meerkats and looks so beautiful. There is a scene in which full Moon appears so beautiful between the clouds from life-boat in the sea. 

This movie is a superb beauty. It's a mix of water-world and cast-away. I think if you're a connoisseur of visual beauty, you can watch this movie again and again, and that's why there is no wonder that Ang Lee won an oscar for directing this movie, in spite of the fact that it was not even an R rated film. I think, the premise of the film is such that there's not much scope for performances, because most of the screen time has been taken by young Pi and Bengal Tiger, but whatever performances are there, they're good enough. I felt that the younger Pi who convinced his classmates that his name was not Pissing, but rather Pi(Piscine)--was more convincing than the one who appears later. The younger Pi is also an explorer into various religions and has a curious mind, but later on he's forced to be an explorer to survive the shipwreck. This is an exceptional tale of a brave young boy. This movie is certainly a very enjoyable one. 

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Relations and Society are merely mirrors!

There was a mad woman. She was convinced that her body was not physical. She was sure that her body was sublime and divine. She used to to say that there was no body as beautiful as her's on earth. One day that woman was brought before a big mirror fixed on a wall. As soon as she looked at her reflection in the mirror she became extremely furious and agitated. She picked up a chair which was near her in the room and vehemently broke the mirror by throwing it. Once the mirror was broken she sighed with relief.

When it was asked why did she break the mirror, she replied " This mirror was making my body physical; it was making my divinity look gross!"

The relations and society are not more than a mirror. You might go on breaking them but change would not happen. They just show your reflection. The work is to be done where it could be done, i. e. upon yourself. It's the center. Society and relations are not bondage. Bondage is your self-image.

There is another story I heard from someone. A dog entered in a place where there were too many mirrors all around. He started to think that he's surrounded by too many dogs and he started barking. The more he tried to suppress the other dogs with his adamant vehement barking more he was forced in return.

When a wise man entered that place he told that dog that it's merely his reflection in the mirrors. There are no other dogs at all, but the dog did not believe him. The wise man said to him--"just stay put for a while and see what happens." The dog became silent and then all other dogs too became silent and then the dog realized his mistake and thanked the wise man.

This is our problem with relations and society. We think that other people are good or bad, whereas truth is, they're simply our reflections. If you want to use other people, they would also want to use you; if you want to help other people, they would also want to help you. If you want to give out love and compassion, that's what you will receive back. As simple as that!

Source: Translated from the book containing Osho's letters to his mother.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

When did dream begin?

Question: You say that I am dreaming...when did this dream begin?

Answer: This dream is beginningless and yet it begins forever in now. The mind, your idea of self(which is illusory,) as well as the world which you consider separate from yourself are one and the same thing. They're beginningless in the sense that they start with the time and space. You might say that an event A started at a particular time and ended at a particular time, because the event takes place inside time and space. But entirety of cosmos--your mind, self(illusory) as well as the universes start with time and space, therefore they have existed as long as time and space have existed---forever. Talking about the beginning and end of something which started with the beginning of Time is as absurd as talking about the beginning and ending of something which is beyond time; however they're not the same things. 

Now, everything including time and space begin and end in now. Why is that so? It's so because any reality which anything has exists only in the present moment and that's because of you. Your being imparts the illusory reality to every present moment. Past and Future are always ideas. The present moment is always real because of you. Every moment universe, illusory self, mind and the dream ends and begins anew. That's how beginningless begins forever. The dream began Now.

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Vicky Donor!

This is an excellent film. Script is original, performances are above par and it's a very hilarious, very enjoyable, very entertaining comedy. 

The first half is mostly comedy, whereas second half of the movie is slightly emotional and very romantic but nevertheless enjoyable.

The story is very original. Vicky Arora is a careless young man who is unemployed. Doctor Chaddha who runs a clinic for infertility finds in Vicky  a super sperm donor and tries hard to convince him to become a regular donor for his clinic. This makes for a great story. The performances are superb. Annu Kapoor is extremely comical. Ayushmaan Khurana who debuted  with this film in both acting and singing is a versatile performer. Dialogues are so funny that you're bound to burst in laughter. 

It's an excellent film in many senses. First is-it's a movie on a  'taboo' subject and yet it's so convincing and funny. It goes on to prove that whenever hard work is put with originality you can produce a superb film which would be well liked by audience as well.

Music is also amazing. I think this is one of the best Bollywood movies ever and definitely one of the best comedies of all times. I enjoyed watching this movie and it made me burst in laughter in the first half and made me shed some cold tears in the second. A great entertainer indeed. I would give it 8.5 out of 10.  

Friday, 14 November 2014

Rohit Sharma's Double Double Centuries!

I used to be an ardent follower of cricket in my childhood days. Cricket like everything else, is changing everyday. I no longer follow Cricket or any other sports for that matter. I just read that Rohit Sharma, the opening batsman for Indian Cricket team in one day internationals has broken record by scoring his second double century!

In my childhood days, I watched Saeed Anwar of Pakistan create record of 193 runs in a one day international. In those days, we used to think that there would not be anyone breaking this record ever! But things have dramatically and totally changed since then--I for one seriously believe that I traverse through myriads of parallel universes everyday. Sachin Tendulkar created the record by scoring first double hundred in a one day international. I really don't know when and how and I am not very interested in knowing either. I just came to know that Rohit Sharma created another double hundred and it captured my imagination for a moment. 

It's not new as far as athletic feats or records are concerned. There was something similar in 400 meter race I read. Up until the record was not broken it was believed deeply that no one can break it and once it was broken everyone was breaking it with in a gap of every few years. Similarly until the psychological barrier of breaking the 200 runs record in one dayes was not broken, it seemed like an impossible task, but after it was broken once---a deep conviction in the collective psyche entered--that the record can be broken and you know the rest.

It is with all human feats. The problem is not just physiological and related to training and practice. It's more psychological in nature. Once a deep conviction gets rooted in the psyche that it can be done--you see miracles after miracles.