Thursday, 28 February 2013

When Did Maya Got Hold of Us?

When did Maya got hold of us(Vibhinnamshas of Krishna)?

This question is futile in a sense because we have always been governed by Maya.

All three elements i.e. Maya, Krishna and Jeevas are eternal.

Jeevas are of three types: Vibhinnamsha(two types) and Swamshas
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Swamshas are governers of Swarup power of supreme personality of Godhead. Bramha, Shiva etc are Swamshas and they're infinite in number.

Vibhinnamshas are of two types--type A--eternally liberated and type-B eternally under bondage of Maya.

We belong to type-B souls.

God has not created us nor created Maya either.

Only illusion of Maya is cause of our eternal bondage and suffering. We don't remember our true identity or our true relationship with God and this causes us to get identified with our bodies. We start considering ourselves as bodies and minds and continue to suffer life after life.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Very Long Dream

Life story is like a very long dream.

More you reflect on the nature of this dream with a detached state of mind, more lucid it becomes.
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Sometimes it's like a nightmare and some other times it's like best of honeymoons.

This very long dream might not be very long for some and might be even smaller than a blink of eye.

Time is relative and that is why this dream is relative.

There is fear, happiness, excitment and various other emotions in lives but they are all temporary.