Friday, 8 March 2013

Your name is my strength Radhe

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in his only piece of writing called Sikshashtak has emphasized importance of names of Krishna. He clearly states that Krishna dwells in his names with all his transcendental qualities and powers. Kripaluji and some other saints go even further to stress importance of names of God. They say that names of Krishna are even more important than Krishna himself, because we cannot take advantages of power of his personality(as in a real encounter with Krishna) as much as we can take advantage of his name. Hence a devotee says "Your name is my power Radhe."  

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

When Did Maya Got Hold of Us?

When did Maya got hold of us(Vibhinnamshas of Krishna)?

This question is futile in a sense because we have always been governed by Maya.

All three elements i.e. Maya, Krishna and Jeevas are eternal.

Jeevas are of three types: Vibhinnamsha(two types) and Swamshas
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Swamshas are governers of Swarup power of supreme personality of Godhead. Bramha, Shiva etc are Swamshas and they're infinite in number.

Vibhinnamshas are of two types--type A--eternally liberated and type-B eternally under bondage of Maya.

We belong to type-B souls.

God has not created us nor created Maya either.

Only illusion of Maya is cause of our eternal bondage and suffering. We don't remember our true identity or our true relationship with God and this causes us to get identified with our bodies. We start considering ourselves as bodies and minds and continue to suffer life after life.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Very Long Dream

Life story is like a very long dream.

More you reflect on the nature of this dream with a detached state of mind, more lucid it becomes.
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Sometimes it's like a nightmare and some other times it's like best of honeymoons.

This very long dream might not be very long for some and might be even smaller than a blink of eye.

Time is relative and that is why this dream is relative.

There is fear, happiness, excitment and various other emotions in lives but they are all temporary.

Monday, 14 January 2013

My Gandanta Mula Gurus

Without many exceptions, my gurus have been Gandanta Mula Gurus. I hope you would enjoy reading about them:

There are six Gandanta Mula nakshatra :




Out of these six Ashwini--Magha--Mula forms the most crucial triangle because of the Ketu lordship for all three of them.

My mother was born in Ashwini nakshtra. Mother is considered to be first Guru of a native. Though a genteel lady, she has her peculiarities which molded my nature since earliest childhood.

My father is a Jyestha born. He was my second Guru.

Shri Ram Acharya; the founder of AWGP was my third Guru and he was born under the influence of Magha nakshtra.

Osho was my next Guru and he was born under Mula nakshtra.

Jiddu Krishnamurty was my next Guru and he was also born under Mula nakshtra.

One gentleman who inspired me in Astrology is also Magha born, which is yet another Gandanta-Mula nakshtra

image: here Some notable mentions:

Sant Tulsidas,

If a native of Gand Mool Nakshatra survives , he is found to be more intelligent compared to other children like Saint Tulsidas and Saint Kabir Das Kathia Baba, Tailanga Swami, Sant Kabir, Guru Ramanand, Great Tantrik Bama Khyap, Saint Gyaneshwar, Tukaram, Adi Guru Shankaracharya.