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Whose Son Who's Father?

The fear of death is fear of change.

Vedas clearly tell that a soul leaves a body only after getting another.

This subtle body contains karmick scripts which play a role when soul incarnates again in a material body.

Causal body is root cause of cycles of birth and death. It contains samskaras(most subtle impressions from which intention vectors-karma proceed) inside its shell and it gets detached from samskaras only in two conditions: When someone attains Bhakti--meets supreme personality of Godhead or at the time of Mahapralaya when all the souls go inside Godhead in a dormant state.

There is no death for any soul--souls are eternal.

Even God cannot destroy soul or Maya.

Krishna is ruler of Maya, Maya rules over souls.

Liberated souls get liberation from Maya by grace of Krishna.

Even liberated souls don't enjoy bliss of Krishna without surrendering fully unto him and without serving him with full devotion.

In Kaliyuga, many people in India consider Maha-Mrityunjaya mantra as a potent tool to get rid of untimely death.

Abhimanyu, the brave fighter in Mahabharata was the son Arjuna.

His uncle Krishna and his father Arjuna, along with Veda-Vyasa were present at the time of his death.

Veda-Vyasa is incarnation of plenary portion of Krishna. Krishna is swayam Bhagvan, still Abhimanyu had to die.

Arjuna got very anxious after the death of Abhimanyu and wanted to see him just once more. He requested Krishna to make arrangements for the same.

Krishna was reluctant but showed mercy and called Abhimanyu's soul.

As soon as Abhimanyu's soul came, Arjuna said "Oh my son!"

Abhimanyu said "Whose son and whose father?"

"You were father of that body, which is a corpse now," Abhimanyu said.

"I am not your son, nor you're my father."

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Soul has infinite number of temporary relations and they're all as false as they're true relative to each other. A soul's relation is true only with supersoul, because it's the only eternal relation. 

Source: Discourses by Kripaluji Maharaj

The Wonder of Wonders!

Who wants to go to hell?


Still people go to hell.

Who wants to suffer?


Still people suffer.

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A drunkard asked a saint "Hey, what is out there in Heaven, Hell and Goloka?"

"A few people serving Krishna, a few people enjoying and a lot of people, respectively in Goloka, Heaven and Hell," saint replied.

"Oh, then Goloka and Heaven are exceedingly boring, I must go to Hell," the drunkard said.

The illusory potency of Krishna acts on all souls via three modes: Sat, Raj and Tam.

Sattvik people go to Swarga(Heaven,) after demise.

Rajsik people take birth on earth again.

Tamsik people go to Hell after death.

People who are deluded by Tamasik Maya, indulge in sensual gratification in a way which hurts others. Though like others(Saatvik and Tamasik people) they also want only and only happiness without even a single moment of suffering; they sow seeds of pain day after day. This is wonder of wonders!

Why We All Are Eternal Servants of Krishna?

Apart from you(Jeev/Soul), there are only two other eternal elements: Supreme personality of Godhead--Bhagwan--Shri Krishna--God and Illusory potency called Maya.

Many people consider themselves atheists. They don't believe in God.

Vedas, Upanishadas and Puranas, along with innumerable saints and avatars since time immemorial have declared "Rasovaisah." { He is Rasa(Anand)}

Bramh/Krishn/God is Anand(Supreme Bliss.)

Anand is a synonym of Krishna.

Sage Valmiki challenged thus: " Bring a single soul before me who is not the servant of Ram." 

Why? Ram means "ultimate pleasure." Everyone in the world, in form or another, is trying to increase his pleasure and happiness and trying to reduce pain.

Some of them don't know that there is any highest pleasure and they're content with "peace." That is why they realize that hankering after pleasure gives pain---and they try to stay calm and peaceful by meditation.

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Krishna is Sat-Chit-Anand.

Since everyone is a servant of happiness, bliss, pleasure and peace---everyone is a servant of God.

If you insist that you're not---it's similar to saying that your father is not your father but husband of your mother!

Source: Kripaluji's lectures.