Sunday, 30 September 2012

All you need...

Spiritual authorities unanimously agree on one thing: All living beings, knowingly or unknowingly, are striving for one(and only) thing: Happiness. We don't want unhappiness. Young kids like to play with toys. As they grow up, they try gain attention of others and strive to get respect. Grown ups need wealth and power--more the merrier! Some people meditate and need peace of mind. Toys, respect, wealth, power, peace of mind and beauty are labels on the packages. These packages have only one thing hidden inside them--Bliss(Anand/Joy/Happiness).

There are no exceptions to this rule--if you find any, you are not looking closely enough. You will find some people who deny it and just because they want to belabor against this point, they would go as far as saying "No, i don't need happiness." 

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Here is a very good verse from Brihadaranyaka Upanishada, which stresses on the fact that nobody can really 'love' anyone before attaining Bhagvan.

Na va are patyuh kamaya patih priyo bhavati, atmanas tu kamaya patih priyo bhavati; na va are jayayai kamaya jaya priya bhavati; atmanas tu kamaya jaya priya bhavati; na va are sarvasya kamaya sarvam priyam bhavati; atmanas tu kamaya sarvam priyam bhavati (Bri.U. 2.4.5): 

Nobody loves anything for its own sake. Here is a masterstroke of genius from Yajnavalkya, the great sage: Nobody loves anything for its own sake. We are accustomed to this slogan of love, and we consider that as something very pre-eminent in our daily life. We love people, we love wealth, we love land, we love property. There is such a thing called love in this world, but who does love want, and what is the purpose of this love? We cannot love anybody or anything except for our own happiness.
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