Saturday, 15 September 2012

Govindam Adi Purusham

This song, sung by Yamuna Devi Dasi, is one of my favorite YouTube videos with various images of Shri Krishna's pastimes.

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The Brahma Samhita is a Sanskrit Pancaratra text, composed of verses of prayer spoken by Brahma glorifying the supreme Lord Sri Krishna or Govinda at the beginning of creation. It is revered within Gaudiya Vaishnavism, whose founder, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486–1534), re-discovered a part of the work, the 62 verses of Chapter 5, at the Adikeshav Temple in Thiruvattur, Kerala,Southern India in the 16th Century which had previously been lost for a few centuries.  Mitsunori Matsubara in his Pancaratra Samhitas and Early Vaisnava Theology dates the text at ca 1300 AD. The text contains a highly esoteric description, with the Kama-Gayatri, of Krishna in His abode Goloka.In 1971 George Harrison produced a modern recording of these prayers along with the Hare Krishna devotees of the Radha Krsna Temple in London entitled 'Govindam', taking its title from the main chorus line of the prayer "govindam adi-purusham tam aham bhajami" meaning "I worship Govinda, the primeval Lord". This prayer was sung by a disciple of Srila Prabhupāda-Yamuna mataji.

The recovered fragment of the Bramha Samhita  commences at the fifth chapter. verse 1 states:īśvarah paramah krsnah, sac-cid-ānanda-vigrahahanādir ādir govindah, sarva-kārana-kāranamWhich translates to:Krishna who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes.The text was first translated from Sanskrit into English by Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur in 1932 and is often sung or recited as a both devotional and philosophical text.