Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Emotions and Devotion

We all are active and conscious beings. It's our very nature to create Karma every single moment of our waking and dreaming lives. None of us could stay inactive even for a single moment. We all are driven by three modes of nature every single moment. What are we all striving for?

Without a single exception, every conscious being is active for being happy. It might seem that some are trying to get rid of the pain, but that is nothing but an effort to become happier and those who are already happy want greater happiness. Generally happiness is not stable, cycles of happiness follow cycles of unhappiness because illusory potency of God(Maya) makes people deluded in search of happiness in material objects. Even those who understand this roam around in search of happiness which is eternal.

This search for happiness takes some concrete paths: Gyana(Knowledge), Karma and Bhakti Yoga are three ways.

The Gyani, after having attained knowledge of 'Self'(separate from body, mind, senses, subtle body etc.) strives to gain knowledge of impersonal absolute Self. In that pursuit he meditates and considers the emotions as unnecessary blocks which are to be eliminated--both positive and negative emotions are considered obstacles in the path.

Unlike a Gyani, a devotee needs emotions. Emotions are very life of Devotion.

Kamna(Desires) has two results---if it's fulfilled it gives way to even more of desires--which is greed. As pouring in more and more of Ghee into the fire increases fire more and more, so does fulfilling desires breed more desires.

If desires don't get materialized--they give rise to anger--which in turn destroys our memory and consciousness and that leads us to destruction.

Kamna(desire) in devotion becomes Upasana--which is holy. Willing to see God, willing to touch his lotus feet, willing to hear about his pastimes are all holy desires--if they get fulfilled--they breed more of joy and bliss and if they are not fulfilled then also they give ecstasy of separation and longing to see God.

Emotions of parental love, conjugal love, fraternal love and those when you feel awe and reverence for lord's mercy are spirit of devotion and they never bind you into material illusory potency. The same emotions might become cause of bondage and suffering when in the world of Maya because they are for objects which are not permanent--but in case of eternal blissful supreme personality of Godhead Krishna--even if you curse him like Shishupal with anger--that will not bind you--rather it will become cause of your liberation and joy.