Monday, 13 August 2012

Difference between material and divine father(s):

Your material father is your Mayik father--he is father of your material body and you had millions upon millions of fathers in as many incarnations. Your divine father is God who has always been 'one and only father.' He is your REAL father because reality is 'which doesn't change.' 

Material fathers are always senior to you in this Mayik world, because they appear prior to you, but God isn't senior to you. Vedas state clearly that Jeev(Soul/You) and God(Krishna/Bramh/Parmatma) have always been there since very beginning. None of them were ever born and they're not going to die either. Prime difference between them is that--God is all powerful and all knowing and Jeev is almost powerless and knows almost nothing. 

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References: Bramha, Jeeva, Maya lecture series by Kripaluji