Thursday, 26 July 2012

Noosphere: Positive and Negative thoughts.

Thoughts of any type rush down from noosphere into your mind. If you want to cultivate good thoughts, good thoughts will rush down and if you want to engage into sick thinking, those also will rush down. Since consciousness as a whole and with focal points as individuals, is the platform, where everything happens in this world, none of the thoughts which have been thought would ever stop to exist. They in the form of vibration frequency, always wait in noosphere and they're great memes. You must continue to remind yourself to think positive in order to stay positive. Noosphere is also known as Universal Mind. Many of us are under the wrong  impression of that our thoughts are original. The matter of fact is--there is nothing original whatsoever.John Won Goethe, the great genius said once that all the great thoughts have already been thought and you have to just rethink them.  

Someone might argue then: Who thought it the first time? There must have been a first time no matter how ancient the so called Noosphere is! It's not so because you're in between of a cycle and the Noosphere is a constant repository. There is never a beginning or say it's always a beginning because it's a cycle.

Not trying to think positive doesn't mean that 'negative' will not take over if you stay put; the negative thoughts compulsively run in your mind in absence of positive thoughts. More than that, state of mind and body, where Prana--the life force energy is not enough, would lead to lack of vibrancy and lack of positive thoughts. That's why it's considered a good spiritual practice to stay silent. Talking too much might not be considered a social evil, but it's personal evil in my opinion. As excess of anything leads to stagnation and hiatus, speaking too much impairs your ability to speak effectively and might make your thinking pessimistic. Speaking as much as is required, eloquently and briefly, is a sign of wisdom.

See how pithy and pregnant are sayings of greatest of men; whereas media-full of noise, negativity and critical-thinking--makes you incapable of inculcating positive thoughts--and hence the dysfunction of Dharma in the age of Kali.