Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sun and Moon: Father and Mother

Barbara Pijjan Lama has briefly touched the intriguing relation between Sun and Moon in a horoscope and the role it plays in the life of a native, in deciding whether parents would mutually live in harmony or if tension between them would affect the native at all. The rule is simple--look for the house(preferably lagna chart) in which Moon is situated and then look for the house in which Sun is present. If the relation is 2/12 or 6/8--then parents don't live harmoniously and child is affected by their animosity. OTOH, if any one of 4/10, 1/4, 4/7, 10/1 angles exist in a native's horoscope--it means an easy composition--parents won't affect the child adversely.

Take an example: In a family, there are four siblings. Lets call them A, B, C and D. A has Sun and Moon angle 2/12, B-1/4, C-6/8 and D-7/10--A and C suffer because of the conflict between parents. D and B don't suffer and stay happily---what is the difference?

A and C have different type of Karma.

B and D have favorable Karma.

A and C chose to resolve the negative Karma of former incarnations--they chose this 2/12 combination. Now, this squirmish of parents would look like a play to B and D and they easily forget it. A and C are more spiritual charts and they have difficult Karma related to parents--therefore they absorb more of negative energy 'off' parents and transform more and more of it, thereby dissolving total Karma. A and C have difficult/spiritual charts in this regard.

Now consider another example: In a family--there are 5 siblings--S, D, F, G and H. D, F and G have Sun in 6th, 8th and 12th houses and Moon in 1st, 2nd and 10th houses respectively. S and H have Sun and Moon in (2/12) and (6/8) respectively.

All of them have same parents, but:

S----Sun is in 2(good relationship with father)
S----Moon is in 12(Bad relationship with mother or mother is missing)
S----Sun/Moon angle--2/12--S absorbs 'negative' vibrations from parents to 'trigger' hidden Karmic guilt and then transforms it into pure Savitas. He chose to do that.

D---Sun is in 6th(adverse relationship with father)
D---Moon is in 1st house(good relationship with mother)
D----Sun/Moon angle is adverse--similar to S.

Likewise we could derive various effects for other members.

Note: These are very general indications. In every horoscopes Sun and Moon being karkas for father and mother respectively, are important, but there are many other factors which contribute in a fuller reading(note: I said 'fuller' reading)--like for father--see--Sun, lord of 9th house, aspects on ninth house, aspects on lord of ninth, Rashi lord of radix dipositor of 9th lord. Navmasa lord of Sun and see all of these from both ascendant and Chandra kundli.

Likewise for mother: See Moon and the fourth lord combinations from both Lagna and Chandra Kundli.


Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur is the latest entertainer by Anurag Kashyap. It's also a landmark movie for Manoj Bajpayee as he has been out of limelight for enough long now. This movie is not very different from the 'unconventional' movies previously made by the same director. If you want to clap and laugh on common swear words, if you like folk music, then, this movie is for you. But as secret of contentment is low expectations bar, it would be great if unlike me you go to theatre with an open mind. I had set expectations very high and that's why this film has disappointed me. Even my friend who accompanied me to the picture hall had similar opinions. Both of us felt that the movie was literally 'dragged' after interval, for, at least 40 minutes, mayhaps because they wanted to make a sequel--but why? A sequel should be made only when what you're willing to tell cannot be 'contained' inside the limited space/time you have. Making a sequel, just for the sake of making a sequel is “plain horseshit.”

Manoj Bajpayee's performance is good. I don't remember having seen him in any movie after Ram Gopal Verma's Road. He has done his part well in this movie, but others have not been up to the mark. Music in this movie, as in all other Anurag Kashyap movies, is indeed a strong support. He has brilliantly used main-stream cine songs with folk songs using a lot of instrumentals.

Dramatically enough, Sardar Khan(Manoj Bajpayee) and his wives don't seem to age at all in this movie. Just observe them at the time of Sardar Khan's son's marriage ceremony. Sardar Khan's first wife and his daughter-in-law seem to belong to the same age-bracket, which is ludicrous and technically "poor" direction. Hiccups and loopholes like these are what hinder Anurag's becoming a perfectionist.

It's definitely not a movie to be watched with your family members, because it's gory, bloody and violent with swear words spread all along the plot. 

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