Monday, 2 July 2012

Absolute and Relative

Is 'Liberating Truth'  the only truth of value or are there other Truths that are of value in our lives? 

My saying that it'so will not make it so.

Those who buy 'enlightenment' idea, believe that such Truth, such a cosmic viewpoint allows you to become one with reality, Bramh, Self or God.

But unless I myself am enlightened I cannot say that yes Truth has enlightened me.

Moreover,  masters like Buddha, Jesus or Gorakshnath--even if you're enlightened you cannot just "make" others enlightened. Though they might be already enlightened and not knowing that they're, it is their own realization of the ultimate reality which ends their sufferings for once and all.

It's not 'intellectual knowledge' of the Truth which would liberate you. It's illumination, the realization which burns your mind off which makes you blooming flower of consciousness.

How do I tell these things? Because they seem 'logical' to me.

Relative truths do matter for our day to day existence. Absolute Truth however is reality beyond which there is nothing.