Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rajiv Gandhi: A Black Swan In Vedic Astrology: Part 2

Please read part one for continuity. What strikes you in Rajiv Gandhi’s chart?

1.     5 planets in the lagna in Leo. Leo is ruler-'the king'.

2.     Atmakaraka Mercury is in lagna in both Rashi and Navmasa charts.

3.     Sun is very powerful in Shadbala.

4.     All planets in three signs: Soola Yoga: One born in Soola yoga will be sharp, indolent, bereft of wealth, be torturous, prohibited, valiant, and famous through war.

5.     Fiery rasi and fiery lagna along with fiery navmasa rises. In Chaitnaya Mahaprabhu’s chart too Simha rasi and Simha lagna was rising.

6.     Navmasa has exalted Jupiter and Mars but Venus is debilitated and it also has Saturn in its own sign.

7.     AAtmakarakaMercury is in lagna in almost all charts. In dwadasmsa, the fourth lord is exalted in the 9th house: which suggests that his mother was a great politician: One of the greatest politicians ever born. Even 9th lord Jupiter is in its own house but in the 6th bhava---suggesting early separation from father.

8.     In Dasmasa---10th lord is exalted. 

9.     Since Sun rises in lagna with directional strength-- the first child born even in case of Rajiv Gandhi is Rahula, a son, who is matter of pride for his family. This observation holds good more often than not.

10.  Sun in the Magha quarter two is nothing but more powerful than exaltation.

11.  Separation from loved ones in middle age was because of Mars being in Uttra Phalguni quarter 2.

13.  Damaruka Yoga: At least in case of Rajiv shows a great effect--because first part of life was better than the second part.

14.  Dasamesha Venus is neecha in the Karkamsha lagna: Does it suggest Rajbhanga neecha yoga?

This is not an exhaustive list, but just a few observations which strike immediately