Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jesus Lived In India

"Jesus Lived In India," is the name of book, which has been with me for enough long now. No, don't get me wrong; I have yet not started to read it. But I intend to do so. 

What is the reason?

Jesus is one of the most charismatic figures in the history of humanity. I was born in India. Are these two reasons sufficient to make me read this book? I don't think so. Let me dig further: In my school days, I had read in an article in a Hindi monthly magazine called Akhand Jyoti about researchers who have investigated about Jesus' life. The article described in detail about the findings of those researcher, but I wanted to know more, therefore I needed to read this book, but it was a long ago and this urge became subconscious.

A few days ago, while waiting for a friend at a railway station, I had a go at the books in a bookstore and I occasionally do so, but don't guess about my intellectual prowess by that, in the name of holy ass hub(Pun unintended!). I found this book in the bookstore and brought it and since then it has been taking rest without getting any undue attention from me. Yes, books, magazines and newspapers never complain about getting any undue attention from me.

Now, I have decided to start reading it. It's written by Holger Kersten, who claims in his preface that he has done substantial research and the book is a great success. Well, reading it would help me learn a bit about Moses and other prophets who came before Jesus. If you have read this book, and you want to share your ideas about it, with me, please let me know.

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