Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Digital Versus Analogue Self

An individual is not a digital self, but rather an analogue one. The body-image, along with the sense of time keeps on varying so often without our being aware of them. Only in case of some transforming experiences, spiritual or of other type in nature do we become aware of this breaking-up with our usual perception of reality.

It has been my experience, or say, my spiritual experience as well. I think you might have reached at this conclusion as a result of mentation, or may be because of contemplation that followed some experience(s). Enlightenment partially is realizing that there is no whole-concrete-digital self, but rather myriads of signals because of myriads of stimuli and neurons switching together and creating an illusion of a solid self. We are deluded about continuity of our existence because of this attempt by our memory to keep distinct moments joined. Wherever necessary, it fills the gap with a lot of stuff, no matter whether this stuff really fits in the situation or not.

Due to many spiritual experiences--two types of breaking-up happens: a) The body-image gets shattered--this image is created by a consistent set-up running 24 hours and projecting a 'complete self' by using the feedback from all the senses about all body parts. In meditation it breaks and first you might find many disjointed sensations from different parts of body and later you find no sensations and no body and still there remains a self, made up of myriads of thoughts. You don't have one self, you have infinite number of selves, all joined together by an illusion of continuity. Some unusual experiences break this Maya away, temporarily, to give you a glimpse of reality.

b) The continuity of time which gives you an illusion of a past and a future associated with the presen moment is shattered by many meditative practices, which in some ways, similar to the protagonist of Memento, make you capable of completely inhabiting the present moment. It's a great realization to see that time is not as we are accustomed to see it, in units of past, present and future, but only an illusion created by this continuity set-up. When it dawns upon you, you feel being in present and inhabiting yourself and you're time as well as space in such a realization.