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Mars in The Labha Bhava

Mars in the 11th house of horoscope is an intriguing combination. On one hand, being a malefic planet placed in most favorable upachaya house, it gives good results, but on the other hand, it might create some grave situations for the native if it's not dignified and has some malefic associations and lacks aspects from benefics.

Mars in the eleventh house casts its aspect on the second, fifth and sixth houses. By its aspect on the second house, it makes native argumentative. If it's debilitated, i. e. in Cancer, it may make a native speak very foul things and argue unnecessarily. If it's exalted, then its aspect will make a native an excellent debater, and aspect of Jupiter or aspect of lord of second house, either to Mars or to the second house will make native a linguist. Second house represents language and speech apart from many other things and aupicious aspects on it or association of Jupiter in various combinations with lord of second house make a native a refined linguist and even a polyglot.

Mars' aspect on the fifth house makes one a logician and a romantic person, especially if it's exalted it gives very sharp intelligence. Debilitated Mars however is more likely to cause psychosis unless some favorable aspects are present for the cancellation of it. Aspect on the sixth house makes one capable of doing well in service and it might cause bulky body which brings in diseases, especially if Mars is not in its own or exaltation signs and has only inauspicious aspects.

Mars in the 11th house increases wealth and material possesions but since Mars is in the 8th from the 4th, it might cause concerns on account of his mother's health if neither of Moon or the lord of the 4th house are favorably disposed. 

Mars in Sixth House of Horoscope

Mars in the sixth house is a good placement. Natural malefics like Saturn, Mars and Rahu, enjoy being placed in houses 3, 6 and 11, which means their placement in such houses gives good results in general. Sixth house is a difficult house, along with eighth and twelfth, but the placement of malefic planets in sixth is considered an auspicious combination.

Mars gives good results in the sixth house, more so if it's in one of its own signs, i. e. in Aries or Scorpio or in its exaltation sign, Capricorn. But on the other hand, debilitated Mars( in the sign Cancer) will cause some diseases related to head, which might call for surgical treatments if Saturn is not well placed. Mars exalted in the sixth house gives good career in service( possible only for the Leo ascendant.) Mars in the sixth house aspects 12th, 1st and 9th houses by its 7th, 8th and 4th aspects respectively. That is why it makes native fortunate and vanquishes his enemies and gives success in litigations. Aspect to lagna makes a native quick tempered with subordinates and courageous as well.

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Do You Have The Right To Sleep Peacefully?

In India, it seems that there is a certain tradition of creating noise, in the rapture of happiness, to show it off to your neighbors. It's not intentionally done to hurt children and senior citizen and sensitive people but it anyway ends up hurting them miserably. This noise is created in extravagant marriages, by drum-beats, crackers and songs on loud-speakers; in election-campaigns and most vehemently in religious festivals. It's such a core part of The Great Indian Culture now that I find myself an alien when I cannot sleep because of the disturbances.

Is there a certain fraction of mass, in marriages, in election campaigns, in religious ceremonies, which thinks about the right of peaceful sleep of others? Is it too much to ask for a good night's sleep in an independent democracy? I am sure that there is a law which prohibits creating sounds of intensity beyond a decibel limit after a certain time in night, in order to let people retire to their beds, peacefully, so that they may work normally and function efficiently on the next day. But this is, like many other laws a paper-tiger. Nobody seems to abide by it in India.

Marriages, birthday parties, festivals and elections might all be occasions to be happy and to spread your words, but why do you have to be a sado-masochistic-fanatic hurting others in your ecstasy? Just observe people dancing on the drum-beat on such occasions-- a rare rapture takes over them. Religious festivals make them dance all night in such rapture, but why these drum-beats have to be so high in volume? 

Why loud-speakers need to haunt you with cacophonies throughout the night, just because some people are too devoted to some deities and need to show-it-all-off?

In northern part of India, there are various festivals celebrated with enthusiasm and in some of them, some people host reading of scriptures. This is considered to be a very holy thing do because of two reasons: Reading holy scriptures will give you heaven after death, or at least a very good birth and spreading this holy word on cacophonous loud-speakers in your entire colony is even more virtuous and humanitarian a thing to do. More you haunt students preparing for their final examinations, more punya you gain and better your prospects of getting a seat in assembly of heaven besides Indra-the-king-of-Gods. Similarly, hurt senior citizens and infants for seven days incessantly, without stop and you are a candidate for heaven. It has immediate gains as well: Your social stature also increases significantly because people in your neighbourhood are supposed to consider you a religious, righteous and pious person.

Meditative, tranquil, sedative, soothing, harmonious, peaceful, gentle are all words which make no sense for people who are accustomed to these perennial cacophonies. Calm is dead in their opinion. If you're lively and you're a devotee--you must show it, else something is lacking in you--why, life has to be vibrant and vibrant is always loud in their dictionaries. It’s inculcated and ingrained into their consciousness right from their childhood to worship words like mega, loud, highlighted, hard, showing and religious.

I cannot sleep when they're on, I cannot share their religious, cultural or festive trance, I cannot shut myself off from their loud, beat-hell-out-of-the-drum band and ever killing crackers and all that choking smoke. I am a common man, I am not a religious devotee, I am not a fanatic and I love peace. I don't disturb others even with the music as I use head-phones as a rule, I don't even talk loudly and my bike's silencer works remarkably well and I assure you that I am not dead and as vibrant as anyone ever gets.

Be it north or south, east or west in India, it's your right to disturb those trying to meditate. They cannot raise their voice because they're lonely and you are 'the mob.' Haunt students preparing for their exams, senior citizens trying to sleep, choke infants with the gun-powder you stuff into the air and waste money on useless show; nobody is going to stop you because you're a group and you love to show things off.

My Penchant For Online Reading

Contrary to what most people have reported, I find it easier to read online news, journals, books or articles compared to those in paper. The reasons are simple: Most of the times The font-size can be manipulated in as many ways as you want, but not always, as some of the sites are edit-proof. But most of the times I am able to adjust font-size and I love this freedom. More than that, I am able to copy the content and paste it on a friendly tool, like Notepad, Worpad or MS Word. I don't really miss not being able to highlight things using markers because this could be done on your computer too.

It also facilitates quoting texts when you're planning desktop-publishing of your content. On one hand, as some people love touch, taste, smell and sight of paper in their hands, I just love the freedom to be able to read and quote things easily.

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The Avengers: Action Par Excellence

The Avengers is an action movie worth your time in a cinema hall, on a big screen, in 3D, with friends and popcorns. The Avengers has spell-binding action sequences and three-dimensional special effects make this movie a glamorous phantasmagoria. The bunch of super-heroes doesn't let your 128 bits of attention get any space and that's why in spite of length of the movie you don't feel bored. Even if you're not an action movie buff, you can watch this movie and enjoy. The last time I went to watch 'Wrath of The Titans,' and it was a very bad experience because story was not good and it was not a 3D print. We were told that it's 3D but it was not. The 3-D glasses just made it bit more dark and difficult, but there was nothing three dimensional. You might say that we badly wanted our money back. Story was a rotten tomato and so were performances. I did not like anything at all about the movie. But this time, my apprehension ended as soon as the movie started, because it had a great feel of 3-dimensional space and action sequences were breath-taking.

The story of the movie is not new, especially for the readers of Marvel comics. For me though, some of the superheroes were new, Captain America for example. Iron Man has been one of my favorite superheroes, since I started watching cartoon episodes on Sony Entertainments channel in my childhood, but now Robert Browney Jr. is iron man for me and he is likely to stick with the image of iron man for enough long. He has been a great entertainer in two recent movies, Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows and The Avengers. In The Avengers, his character is that of most witty, resourceful and powerful superhero.

Apart from action sequences, there is nothing else in the movie, but what else do you expect in an action movie? There is some 20 minutes of dialogue which is a bit comical for a while but mostly it's petty ego-clashes between superheroes. Movie helps you exercise your imagination to the full and it's as awe-inspiring as it gets in two hours. My verdict is that you must watch it on big screen in a 3-D print, if you have an option available. I have not watched a better action movie in cinema hall. Since Nolan’s Inception, I have not seen any movie better than The Avengers in any genre, it's technically superb, perfectly directed and a perfect entertainer.