Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ascendant Rising and Lunar Transit

You might be familiar with transit analysis in Vedic Astrology. On a day to day basis, Moon moves through various signs and based on this Astrologers try to find out about the feelings of natives of various Moon signs. Major transits like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Kethu don't show very observable changes on a day to day basis. But Lunar transits play a very significant role in changing feelings, moods and experiences of natives and since this happens on a day to day basis, I have encouraged so many people around me to start keeping diaries for Lunar transits. 

Most of the people don't believe in any such effects, therefore they are not motivated enough to even start such experiments. I have demonstrated perspicuous impact of Lunar transits to so many people around me that data pertaining to such experiments will fill many pages of description. This is the most scientific experiment to begin with in the field of Vedic Astrology. 

This experiment has been described in my previous articles. Today I want to bring a related matter into the kind attention of the reader. Does ascendant rising play a role in the effects given by the Moon in transit? This question occurred to me very recently and I don't have an answer, but I have an intuitive feeling that the ascendant rising does affect the Moon in transit.

To explain the question: Take an example: At the time  this article is being written ( 20:46 PM, IST), Ascendant ( sign rising in the eastern horizon) is Libra(29 degrees 24 minutes), which means that Scorpio is about to rise and Moon is 18 Degrees 50 minutes into the sign of Saggitarius. 

Until now, I used to take following factors into the consideration for the analysis of Lunar transits:

1. Moon sign in the natal chart for native.
2. Aspects on Moon in the transit chart-which plays role in determining if Moon is under Vedha. In case of Vedha, any effects, auspicious or inauspicious, get totally cancelled as per the principle, but the difference because of Moon's having changed place is obvious. For example: If Moon is transiting 9th house of a native,  under the Vedha, it would cease to give effects of the 9th house, but mostly overlooked auspiciousness because of its having moved from the 8th house must be taken into the consideration all of the times!

3. The degrees which Moon has traveled into a sign--for example, acute effects are given by Moon when it has crossed at least 20 degrees in a sign. 
4. The nakshtra of native plays a role, because it's the true mansion of Moon. For example: For persons born in Mula and Poorvashadha nakshtras in the sign of Sagittarius, the effects would be equivalent to those of 2nd house and 1st house respectively as Moon crosses 15 degrees in the sign of Dhanus. 

But now I intend to bring another factor into the account, in order to experiment. Learned Astrologers would be kind enough to give me some feedback for this factor. The ascendant rising is the new factor for analysis. Take an example: As said above, Moon is in the sign Saggitarius, therefore, for a native born with natal Moon in the sign Saggitarius  it's a good time in general. But Moon is in Vedha. This means that the native would feel betterment as Moon has left the 12th house, but would be deprived of auspicious effects given by Moon's transit to its natal position. Here, without going into the details of various aspects on Moon in transit, I would like to ask if rising sign (Libra in this) plays any role. The rising sign Libra suggests that Moon is in the third house, therefore, can it be assumed that for Sagittarius natives this time is good for third house activities like affairs related to siblings, communications, hands-on learning and so and so on?

I would be much obliged if you come up with a response. Feel free to throw any ideas!