Tuesday, 20 March 2012

From Russia With Love!

I like music. Yes, most of us do. When I am doing something routine, I prefer listening music over exposing myself to surrounding noises because of my over-excitable psychological disposition. If you listen to the set of your favourite records, over and again, day after day for many months, they cease to be your favourites because of the overuse. You might have heard your friends saying “If you want to convert your favourite song into the song you hate most, all you have to do is to set it as your cell phone’s ringtone." Well, I have never tried it but it seems pretty convincing indeed.

That is why no matter how good the set of songs you listen to everyday, they start making you feel in doldrums. And that's why there are Radio FM broadcasts. They help you get the refreshment by changing music without your conscious effort and that's what makes them so interesting in my opinion. But they might also become difficult to take if they are marred by advertisements, poor jockeys and absurd patterns.

Since I have been in Bangalore, I have listened Radio FM A (Keeping it like this to avoid lawsuits) and Radio Fever104. My stint with Radio Fever 104 has been just a week old methinks. My experience with A has been very bad. When you talk about most popular Radio channels in India which are not national Radio channels (Vividh Bharati), you get only and only Bollywood songs in the name of music. It’s not necessarily carefully selected and it's mostly latest popular Bollywood numbers. What aggravates situation and makes it an absolutely indigestible experience at times is: Seemingly everlasting advertisements with very little of music on A. Such streams don't let you listen good numbers and they don't let good songs complete because an advertisement is always in the queue and it cuts in without letting the song complete. The Radio Jockeys who consider themselves Linguists and know nothing about languages annoy you like hell (This is just way of saying it for I don't remember any of my visits to the hell!). They think that their general knowledge is superb whereas they're mostly ignorant buffoons. Radio Fever 104 on the other hand has most humble and sweet Radio jockeys.  

Radio Fever 104 also has many sessions where you get to listen incessant-uninterrupted stream of good songs. It also has a few serials on various issues, for example they're presenting Radiography on Gandhi these days. But in spite of all good things it has its own weakness and it's called 'From Russia With Love.' This seemingly mysterious nemesis haunts all listeners of Radio FM 104 Fever. I was puzzled by it. A voiceover artist called Shweta presents many programs filled with everything happening in Russia, which ranges from Politics to Science to Society to Language. I tried my luck with Google and found many annoyed listeners giving most negative feedback for this program but I did not find even a single positive feedback, neither did I find anyone coming up from Radio's side, taking responsibility for the evil perpetuation of tortuous sadism called 'From Russia With Love.' Upon investing further I came to know that it's 'Voice of Russia' having a contract with Radio Fever 104 (I might be factually wrong totally and hence solicit your feedback!) and God only knows the details of this contract.   

First Day of Spring Google Doodle!

Today's Google-doodle is awesome!I just love it. I love the colors and it seems like a kid has done it with dilligence but it's the artist who is child-like!

Like a good cyberloafer I observed following in this doodle:

1. A big flower of dark blue color.

2. Another flower of maroon color with white dots on it.

3. A yellow colored bird with black beak. 

4. Two butterflies of light blue color.

5. A cargo truck of green color with yellow-red colored wheels and green colored goods on it.

6. A maroon colored fragile giraffe with legs longer than its neck!

This design was done by Marimekko. I could understand most of it except significance of this green truck. Anyone who understands it, please let me also get enlightened.