Monday, 19 March 2012

Mild, Blurred, Soft and Neptunian Reality!

Outside the library room of his High School. It seems as if the sounds
of chime of bell are coming from the church which is right opposite to
the library, besides the playground. He is just standing there and
thinking something about the future and dramatically he is
simultaneously there and here.The weather is chilling and he can see
steam coming out of his mouth with every exhalation.That seems to be
the portal for this point in the future, for now and this point seems
to be the portal for that point in the past. It's as if he is
convinced that he knows everything about these events as he is
standing there. He doesn't know if he is there, imagining this all or
here dreaming that all. Reality seems to have become mild, blurred,
soft and Neptunian.There seems to be an effect created by Dreams of
last night."How many parallel universes I move through?" he asks
himself. A universe appears at random and disappears after another
dream and each one of these seem REAL. 

image source: here