Thursday, 15 March 2012

Rituals and Religions

Someone said about rituals:
It's all symbolism and ritual, why deprive people of something that give them comfort. You could reduce Christianity to simply stating that "I believe in God and Jesus Christ" one time and be done with it, but where is the fun in that? Religion is an on-going process, a continuing activity or it loses its meaning. If you do not participate that is your choice, but what is it to you if others choose to join in the act. There are many misguided religious people who believe that it is up to them to approach and 'save' those outside of the church, and this is unfortunate as it does more harm than good. Just be sure of what you believe and why, there is a lot of misinformation out there on both sides.

My response:

I will be honest here: Everyone is entitled to have opinions. Everyone should live as per their volition but does volition exist? Aren't we just born into a religion and embrace it? But why should that change things? Even embracing a religion after proselytizing because of some reasons should not be too different.

Faith is very good but doubt is better in my opinion. I know that you might think that I am younger and hence this propensity and you might think that younger people tend to be experimental because they feel energetic and immortal. So be it. But you have hit the nail on the wall in my humble opinion. Yes, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims and others NEED RITUALS.

They need rituals because this monster called mind makes a hell of life without rituals. Why? Because boredom is what rules the day and has final say. Wisest will live with no rituals. The activities which are not significant apart from being rituals start dropping one after another in the lives of wise persons and there are so many I have observed. Wisdom is more of avoiding what is unnecessary than doing more things. But who am I to suggest people to become wiser? Nobody. That is why I don't. I don't preach on a high platform and I think nobody should (And even that 'should' is redundant!). I know that I am not being very eloquent but it's important to state that people are in frenzy when it comes to their religions. Rarely anyone knows the meaning of being 'religious'.

Is being born into a family which practices certain things and embracing all its rituals and even investigating into them with superficial approach what you call 'religious'? I want to tell you something: I have observed closely and I have met some of the most religious people. They have this fragrance of goodness and they're so calm and peaceful and they stand for right things and they practice no rituals. They're burning flames of consciousness and they doubt all the time. More I observe people involved in rituals, more I feel that dogma is so prevalent. You cannot talk to fanatics. If you start questioning them, they would start attacking you instead of discussing things logically. They know that they cannot stand any reasonable discussion and hence start attacking anyone who approaches them with reason. Is this being 'religious'? No it's not in my opinion and I am sorry.

'Be sure of what you believe and why' might be a difficult to interpret statement. If you really know what you're doing, you would end up doing nothing because you would dissect everything up to the end and nothing will be left, but that is what induces such great indolence that you would not remain a practical man. But being too sure causes much harm than not, especially in religious affairs.

Religious people just use convenient things. Those who try to play by 'Holy Book' too cannot play it for enough long. When you point out that they're not playing it by book, they become angry and start attacking you.

It's true that no one has any right to deprive anyone of any 'comfort'; except that this 'comfort' should not become cause of discomfort for others. Moreover it takes extraordinary audacity to say that those things which are 'comfortable' might cause great discomfort for many, later on.