Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Supreme Personality of Godhead

Upanishadas have sung praises of supreme person.

Supreme person is eternal.

His powers are also eternal.

Supreme person has infinite number of powers, universes and qualities.

Three main powers of Bhagvan are: Para, Jeev and Maya.

Jeev(souls) are fraction of his Jeev power and Jeev is conscious.

Maya is illusory potency which is inert in nature.

Para or Swarup Shakti is internal potency of Godhead whereas Maya is external potency, whereas Jeev is marginal potency.

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There are three types of Jeev:

a. Those who have always been under the influence Maya--for example--most of us.
b. Those who have always been beyond Maya--eternally liberated---for example---those who serve Krishna in Goloka eternally.
c. Those who are not only beyond Maya but are also full of all opulences(infinite fame, power, intellect etc.) because they are plenary portions of Godhead and they are governed by Para Shakti of Godhead. They have power to govern Jeevas.

Supreme personality of Godhead, Shri Krishna, is complete in himself and perfect and infinite. Jeev cannot give anything to Godhead--in fact Jeev's devotion towards him gives him bliss.