Saturday, 6 October 2012

Four Types of Bhakti

Supreme personality of Godhead Kapila, who established Samkhya philosophy, told this to his mother Devahuti:

There are four types of Bhakti based on modes of nature in the Bahkta:

1. Tamasika Bhakti: That which is done to hurt others. For example: The devotees like Hiranyakashyapu and Ravana attained siddhis because of their devotion to hurt others. Especially Hiranyakasyapu wanted to take revenge of his brother's death from Vishnu.
image: Kapila teaches Devahuti
2. Rajasika Bhakti: That which is done with an urge to get fame and power in world along with material pleasures of all types. For example: Dhruva's devotion was to get material pleasure. 

3. Sattvik Bhakti: That which is done when mode of goodness dominates in the devotee. For example: Bhagirath's devotion to bring Ganges for salvation of his kith and kin.

4. Nirguna Bhakti: Beyond all gunas---only for supreme personality Godhead Shri Krishna; incessant devotion by means of Kirtan, listening and chanting and it increases love towards Krishna continuously. It gives bliss.