Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bhakti is ultimate happiness!

In the Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu (1.1.38) it is stated:

brahmanando bhaved esa cet parardha-guni-krtah
naiti bhakti-sukhambhodheh paramanu-tulam api

"If brahmananda, the transcendental bliss derived from understanding impersonal Brahman, were multiplied with parardha(3110 Kharab, 40 Arab divided by two), such a quantity of brahmananda could not compare with even an atomic portion of the pleasure relished in pure devotional service."

Bramha's day is called Kalpa.

Bramha's age is 100 years=2 Parardhas.

1 Kapla= 14 Manvantaras.
1 Manvantara=71 Mahayugas.
1 Mahayuga= Sata+Treta+Dwapara+Kali-Yuga.
Kaliyuga= 4.32 million years.
Kaliyuga is 10% of 1 Mahayuga.
Dwapara, Treta, Satyugas are respectively 20, 30 and 40 % of Mahayuga.

Bramha's age comes out to be 3110 Kharab, 40 Arab years.

Par=3110 Kharab 40 Arab.

If Par/2 is multiplied with Bramhananda it cannot be campared to even an atomic portion of bliss enjoyed in pure unalloyed devotional service. 

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