Sunday, 22 July 2012

Uluka: Owl, Lucifer and Laxmi

The owl is called Uluka in Sanskrit. Uluk is vehicle of Goddess Laxmi, consort of Shri Mahavishnu, goddess of wealth and prosperity( material and spiritual.) Conspiracy theories consider owl to be a secret symbol of Lucifer--Satan--Evil--Adharma incarnate. It's obvious therefore that owl is an ill omen in view of conspiracy theories. 

Uluka is considered to represent two scenarios as vehicle of goddess of wealth- Laxmi in Indian mythology: One, it represents a fool who losses all his prosperity owing to Adharmic(evil) deeds he does by using the wealth. Second it represents 'wisdom' of a wise man who remembers Laxmi as one on owl and hence spends his money wisely in charity and good deeds. 'Ullu bana diya,' in Hindi means 'made a fool out of you.'