Sunday, 22 July 2012

Critique of intelligent design

The Couch Forum: Cripes wrote about intelligent design:

 Every point he gives could be addressed and 'proof' for it is as impossible to give as impossible it's to refute those who refute 'intuition, anumana and imagination,' i. e. Charvakas and Atheists. But lets see following first.

Speaking of mocking the 'intelligent design,' short-sighted assessment disregarding the majesty of universes created which are very well written about in many scriptures including Bhagvata; The modern Science is a very new religion in opposition to 'intuition,'{Eistein,Kekule and many other geniuses created theories by hunches and intuition and then 'faith' along with 'reason' guided them through--look how much we respect Einstein today but he did not respect our use of nuclear energy but it was inevitable; this much for Science without faith and intuition and Dogma of many religious wars in last three-four centuries has been horrendous. Mahabharata did use missiles and other powerful weaponry---that 3-5000 years old battle might have caused destruction of some key places--but then there is no evidence so who knows what kind of missiles they actually were!} similar to charvakas(atheists/hedonists/epicureans,) and only if there could be nuclear-natural disaster-free scientific progress of say 1000 years, Science will be in a position to really start validating some religious theories. I cannot say 'wait and watch' because chances are that this physical form of mine will not be present then, but then, who knows what Science may come up with!