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Cause of Apocalypse(Pralaya) in Bhagvata Purana

Maitreya continued, ' Great sages*, Bramha's sons Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, SanatKumara, Narada, Ribhu, Hamsa, Aruna and Yati never married, but were celibates all their lives.

A different meaning of word 'sage': An archetype born in every Manvantara in Bhagvata Purana, for the purpose of creation. These are high posts pre-declared and it's not that anyone earns a merit to become a Saptarishi in any Manvantara itself. It shows inter-Kalpa Karmic relations as well.

Irreligion is Adharma(evil.) It's also a son of Bramha(Righteousness;religiosity;Dharma is also son of Bramha) Adharma's wife Mrisha{falsehood[Mithya(Hindi), Myth(English)]}, bore him twins: Dambha(hypocrisy)


Nirriti, the evil spirit rules the southwest. Has no children. Had adopted twins, who later became a couple when Dambha married Maya.

Nirriti(against riti) is Alaxmi(lack of prosperity) the goddess of nakshtra Mula, guided by the Sun located in the galactic core.

Dambha married Maya

They gave birth to Lobha::Greed and Nikriti::Wickedness.

So, in plain English: Hypocrisy marries Deceit to give birth to Greed and Wickedness(they're twins.) 

These in turn begot Krodha(anger) and Himsa(violence)

These gave birth to Kali(rage:Kolaveri Di){hence this age is Kaliyuga--age of apocalypto} and his sister Durukti(abusiveness personified)

Kali got Bhaya(fear), and Mrityu(Death) on his sister.

Bhaya and Mrityu had twins too: Niraya and Yatna.

Mrityu: Death

These are the incestuous spirits of darkness that finally plunge the creation into endless darkness and bring the Pralaya(Apocalypse) to wash the worlds.

A. Immediate cause: incest is prohibited or indicated as a cause? May be. 
B. Torture, and hell: the gravitational sphere of low vibrational frequency, is borne out of Death and Fear vibrations. Which are because of Kaliyuga and abusiveness personified, which are because of the RAGE.

Rage is the root cause of apocalypse.

But wait: Rage was born because of anger and violence.
Anger and violence were siblings born from Hypocrisy and Deceit which in turn were from Greed/Wickedness   .

They were born because Irreligion(Evil, Adharma), and Falsehood(Mithya Acharan) engaged in an incestous relation. Incest is prohibited it seems. It's suggested that incestuous creations would not last enough long is suggested in Bhagvata Purana.

By Rashi name you could tell fortune. Rashi is Moon sign--Moon is fortune karaka--Bhagvata is the story of the fortunate one!

Nrritti, the goddess of Mula Lunar Mansion abducted/adopted Maya and Dambha, but incestuous offsprings continued being born(population was so little a fraction, it was inevitable).

If you say, Adharma and Mrisha were root cause: They were born from Bramha and Bramha from Mahavishnu and Mahavishnu is prime mover.

So, everything is caused by Mahavishnu(everything.)

Mahavishnu designs Kaliyuga(present age) such that if Adharma and Falsehood keep reigning via Dambha, Maya, Lobha, Greed, Anger, Violence and RAGE--it will result in Pralaya(Apocalypse).

Pralaya is because this particular universe is borne out of incestuous creation which does not last very long. { Bramha supporting Mr. Charles Darwin.}

RAGE-YUGA: This Kaliyauga is the age of Fire. Age of rage has fire-arms and agni-element ruling all over the world. This fire results in the 'Fear' and 'Death'. These two are prime causes of Torture and 'Hellish low frequency of vibration at a given-up haunting place' and these two cause incestuous, spirits to take over the creation and plunge it in water to wash away the creation. Pralaya. The End.

Note: Adharma and Mrisha can be compared to Adam and Eve of Bible.

Original Sin is an apple given by Tamoguna(Destructive Energy: Ahamkara--Satan--) because of which they ate the fruit of tree of knowledge to engage in incestuous relation and that is why most of the religions forbid incest even today. They gave birth to Hypocrisy(Dambha) and Deceit(Maya). These again engaged in an incenstuous relation to give birth to Greed and Wickedness---> Violence and Anger--->Rage and Durukti(abusiveness personified)--->give birth to Fear, Death--who in turn give birth to hell and torture---such low frequency of vibration opens wormholes to Patal Loka(abode of demons) and gives them a chance to show the power of destructive Tamoguna--darkness. They sink earth in water by triggering RAGE--nuclear weapons. 

Such is this age of incest--Kaliyuga--which started when Krishna went away to Goloka.

Kaliyuga is age of rage and hence age of apocalypse. In some ages apocalypse does not happen--simple ascension happens and everyone together ascends to a loka a universe like heaven, tapa or satyaloka.

Bhakti is the way to get rid of Moha borne out of Maya and get the vicinity to Mahavishnu according to Bhagvata Purana.

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