Saturday, 16 June 2012

See You In Another Life Brother!

As you start watching it, secondary plot-lines which peek into the pasts of characters on island look very absorbing and they continue to interest you throughout the season one, but somewhere in the second season you start feeling bored by too-frequent-but-too-insignificant details of the past lives of various freaks on island.

I thought it was just me who used to fast-forward the secondary plots, but recently I recommended this TV series to one of my friends and she also started doing the same. She liked it until season one but as soon as second season started these sequences became 'intolerable' and she started skipping them altogether to stay on island.

I shared this small piece of information about Lost because I felt that it was important. Since I stopped watching Lost, I have not found a better TV series; perhaps I will never find one. The plethora of characters and narratives and mysteries in Lost overwhelms the attention spans of viewers in a unique way.

Out of all pieces of dialogues in the series  "See you in another life brother" is most amazing in my opinion.

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