Sunday, 10 June 2012

Introverts, Extroverts and Narcissistic Personalities

Absurd as it might seem, it has been my observation that a really introvert person would never suffer from narcissism, whereas an extrovert might suffer from it. The reasoning is simple in my opinion: Unresolved conflicts in the dark side of subconscious cannot get resolved in case of an extrovert, because he never has time to attend them. In case of an introvert(I am talking about a prototype, like Buddha) nothing remains unexplored, therefore there are no unresolved conflicts and complexes.

I don't know if there could really be an introvert in the ideal case who is narcissistic. Could the world frustrate an introvert who is narcissistic: True up to an extent, but it's really not because of the 'introversion' but rather because of 'lack of it'. Consider this: A teacher like Buddha, a full blooming flower of consciousness, if possible, is the final fruit of introversion. Such an individual will never blame the world around because his stable mind is always able to take into the account all causes of universe leading to the effects or say he is eternally aware of the chaos(lack of 'particular' causes.) Why an introvert might seem frustrated with the world is: He is not enough of an introvert. He has not yet looked deep enough inside and that is why the world seems like a hostile place.

An introvert who is suffering from narcissism might want to get lost into the wild because of loneliness and an extrovert might become a megalomaniac needing a very big stage to get attention of entire world. You suggest two possibilities of 'going into oblivion' vs needing big stage, but they're because you focus on morbidity of introversion versus extroversion. The introversion--in the sense I consider it, is nothing but looking at your thoughts and feelings with minute attention and not letting go anything unnoticed into dark of subconscious. Why it solves all your problems is--because no conflicts remain lurking in your subconscious looking for opportunities to get triggered. The real introvert would understand world and persons around him better than an extrovert because of the thorough study of his own feelings and thoughts. The psyche around you is more or less is like your psyche. If you could fully attend to yourself, you are capable of attending to anyone, because they're more or less 'you'; bundles of thoughts and feelings and life. A real introvert will be like a transparent being where no ideas meet with ego-resistance but just a reflection; in that sense, he becomes a mirror for others.   

Image: Buddha