Friday, 11 May 2012

Why There is No Universal Appeal?

Some of us are entertained by action, some by humour, some others by drama and some others by mystery, suspense or thriller. It's not very easy or wise to isolate things which entertain into genres, because there is no such thing as pure action or pure mystery. However, if you try to determine it for yourself, you will come to realize that some genres entertain you and affect you in a more profound way than others do. For example, I have a penchant for mystery, suspense and thrillers. I also like to watch history, action and humour but mystery has been the favourite genre for me since my childhood days.

What exactly shapes our affinity for genres which entertain us the most? It's not true that a person who is very mysterious would love mystery, neither I feel that a martial man;-a man of action is most likely to love action movies. What then, is actually the crucial factor which determines the distinct proclivity of a person as far as entertainment is concerned? I don't have an answer to it, therefore I would like to speculate for a while and would love to hear your ideas about it.

To decide about the genres, in TV and cinema, which entertain people most, all you have to do is to get an inventory of all the movies and TV shows released in recent years. This inventory is very likely to suggest you about the demand of genres in recent years, more so, if you concentrate on what has been liked by the public, i. e. most highly rated shows and movies. In order to decide it for the whole twentieth century however, you would have to make an exhaustive list with painstaking and meticulous effort, which is not a very difficult task to do.

Depending upon what has been a general trend over here, in India, especially in Bollywood, it's my conjecture that action packed dramas and humour mixed with musicals has had the most powerful share in the production. But TV is ruled by the drama because most of it is consumed by the housewives. A certain fraction is devoted to the detective or horror stories.

Does it mean that there are very few who really like mystery, suspense, thriller or horror, compared to other genres, for entertainment? Such a conclusion would be too far-fetched with such a petty analysis in my humble opinion and that is why I need to think more about it before coming to a conclusion and I also need to take help from empirical data. Your ideas are most welcome, feel free to share.

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