Sunday, 6 May 2012

Stories, stories and stories!

In spite of our affinity for stories, I cannot right away agree on assertion that sports are such great entertainers because they're stories. What might be flaw in the argument of the speaker in film, who advocates that sports games are great stories? To begin with, since we are so accustomed to stories, he might be eager to interpret the history of a game as a story. What I am trying to say is: It's more of his representation than actual narrative out there.

But on the other hand, in support of your proposition that both sports and cinema has such a grip on our society because they are great storytelling medias, the life too is ( though, incorrectly and tragically in my opinion) interpreted as a story by all of us. In our dreams, in our waking life, we are consistently weaving fabrics of this story and we are always central figure, the protagonist in it. 

That makes sense if somehow stories relate to the core of our being. I have always looked at sports as an aspect of lives of people where quick activity and immediate feedback loop lessens their boredom and also makes them get 'a feeling of belonging' by taking sides and getting attached to virtual heroes. But yes, I have to concede that heroes cannot exist without myths and myths are stories; grand stories which have been part of human civilization almost since its inception.

The name Barcelona doesn't ring a bell for me, but for millions of people across the globe, its mention causes an immediate rush of adrenaline. Boredom and need to feel that you  belong to something is so fundamental and driving aspect of our everyday existence that we are ready to get attached to comic, cartoon, film, sports, war heroes, historical geniuses and philanthropists as if they're our everyday acquaintances and our functioning is some how dependent on them.

This just triggered another question: Role of stories in religions and mysticism. I feel that mythologies play such a vital role in almost all religions. People are ready to kill and get killed themselves just to defend stories. What do you think about the role of stories in religions and mysticism?

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