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Osho: The Black Swan in Vedic Astrology: Part 1

The birth time used for this analysis is 17:13 PM, birth place Kuchwada(Raisen, Madhya Pradesh, India), Birth Date Dec 11, 1931. Lets start with the Lagna Kundali, which tells you about the disposition of planets in various signs in Osho's birth chart. The ascendant rising is Taurus( lord Venus) about 21 degrees 32 minutes, in the Rohini nakshatra which is owned by Moon. It makes native a bit fond of publicity, a little attention seeker. Pluto is placed in the sign of Gemini. Jupiter is in its exaltation sign Cancer, though it's not in deep exaltation. Neptune is placed in the sign Leo. Kethu( South node of Moon) is placed in the sign of Virgo. Sun is placed in Scorpio, the sign of its friend Mars. Rahu ( North node of Moon) is placed in the sign of Pisces.

Lagna Chart: 

The most peculiar feature of this horoscope is a rare stellium of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Moon in the sign of Dharma and Philosophy; Saggitarius, in the eighth house of mysteries, scandals, self-transformation, Tantra and inheritance. The lord of the sign Saggitarius in which stellium occurs, is Jupiter, which is in its exaltation sign in the third house of horoscope, though not in deep exaltation, as stated earlier.

Lets focus on the nature of this stellium in Osho's chart. The stellium has five planets, which suggests that most of the karmic energies in the chart are devoted to strengthen a few matters in the life of this native. That's why the stellium of four or more planets in the charts of natives are considered to confer 'Sanyasa Yogas', the combination for renunciation. This stellium occurs in the sign of Sagittarius, which is a fiery, pious, sattvic sign and signifies Dharma, Philosophy and mysteries. This suggests that the native had karmic energies for religious and philosophical matters. The stellium in the eighth house suggests that native has done effort for self-transformation, Tantra and might recive much inheritance and might get involved in scandals. 

Stellium has planets Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Moon.

Mercury: 13 degree 29 minutes in Sagittarius in Poorvashada nakshatra.

Saturn : 28 degree 33 minutes in Sagittarius in Uttarashada nakshatra. 
Venus: 19 degrees 15 minutes in Saggitarius in Poorvashadya nakshatra
Moon : 22 degrees 19 minutes in Saggitarius in Poorvashadya nakshatra 
Mars : 8 degrees 7 minutes in Sagittarius in Moola nakshatra 

The rulers of the lunar mansions for the planets in the stellium are Ketu Venus and Sun. Most of these planets are in the nakshatra of Venus. Venus, the lord of the lagna is in its own nakshatra which makes it very strong, though it is in the sign of Jupiter which is not its friend. The planets in the stellium act as the filters for the lords of their nakshatra, therefore, most of the planets are likely to give results of Venus, Sun and Ketu in this stellium.

This stellium makes the eighth house of horoscope strongest in certain regards but does not confer longevity to the native. We would discuss it in detail. On the whole though, this stellium suggests a mystic with a great philosophy. This individual is a great orator because the lord of the house in which stellium occurs is Jupiter, in its exaltation sign. Jupiter is Guru as per the Hindu mythology and it has the power to transform lives of disciples of this native because of this mighty stellium in the house of self-transformation. The lord of lagna situated in the eighth house suggests a very learned individual.

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