Friday, 11 May 2012

Osho: The Black Swan in Vedic Astrology: Part 2

Please see this post for continuity. 

The lord of the stellium Jupiter is situated in the sign Cancer. Jupiter in Cancer is an auspicious placement in any nativity in general. Jupiter in the sign of Cancer makes a person loquacious. Osho was a great orator and even after his death he left a copious amount of literature as legacy. Jupiter in Cancer also makes a native prudent, well mannered and popular. Jupiter in the third house is getting aspects from Mars and Rahu; these malefic aspects make Jupiter a bit aggressive. Jupiter in the house of courage makes native a very bold and courageous individual. Since third house is also the house of publications and quick communications, Osho's speeches got published extensively and he travelled all his life. Jupiter exalted in the third house of younger co-borns made Osho fortunate in respect of having many younger siblings who helped him in his journey of life. 

Jupiter as a lord of 11th house, placed in the 3rd house, which is fifth from its own house is a good placement for connections and trades, but since it owns the eighth house, its placement in a house which is eighth from eighth is not good for the longevity of the native. Exalted Jupiter in the third rashi house aspects 7th, 9th and 11th houses, which makes Osho fortunate in business alliances foreign places, philosophy and in international connections.

The stellium in the sign of Sagittarius, in eighth house of death, sex, mysteries and inheritance, on one hand make him a great Guru, mired by scandals, and on other hand it makes him not so fortunate in many other departments of life. All of the planets in the eighth house aspect the second house of speech, mouth and languages, which is why he had such great mastery over the language. 

In spite of his genius in Philosophy and Mysticism, he is not revered much and his name often causes ridicule as soon as you mention it in public, because he was an obstinate dare devil, a taboo breaking spiritual figure in the twentieth century. Stelliums in Kendras( in houses 1, 4, 7 or 10) suggest a very high public profile, if other factors in the nativity support, but stelliums in difficult houses hint towards a difficult life. Osho lived dangerously and died furiously. 

Jupiter is not only the strongest planet in the chart of Osho, but it's also Atmakaraka--significator of soul. Atmakaraka is the planet which has highest degrees in any sign. Sage Jaimini says  that Atmakaraka in navamsa lagna can indicate about the real goal of a person. In Osho's chart you can see that Atmakaraka Jupiter is situated in the sign Pisces with Ketu. Sage Jaimini says that a person whose Atmakaraka is located in sign Pisces in navamsa indicates a person who does pious deeds and attains final liberation after death.

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