Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Minerva, Synedoche and Metonymy

As we were standing in a circle outside office premises under a tree which had swarms of aunts on it in leaves and trunk, someone mentioned ‘Minerva Circle’, which triggered the ‘Minerva’ in me for better. Minerva is counterpart of goddess Saswati in Greek mythology. Who wrote mythology? It certainly not was a single person and not even the bunch of auteur in a single generation. Synecdoche and Metonymy are very interesting words. I watched Gulzar’s interview yesterday. Synecdoche is a parent class and Metonymy is a child class. Synecdoche means referring to something where the whole is meant and vice versa. For example: When you say ‘My stomach is hungry’: It actually means “I am hungry”.

Counter case would be : America used for USA or saying “India lost to England”, where you meant “Indian cricket team lost to English cricket team”

Metonymy is referring to something by something else: For example: Chair refers to power. Ballot refers to vote. 

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