Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Men In Black III

Men in Black III, was in a way Men in Black I for me, because I haven't watched any film in this series. Having seen Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, in various trailers, in last decade, I had an impression about the movie. First, it was a comedy for me, second it had pretty shallow exploitation of Extra-Terrestrials story. Those creatures which are mostly morons and ejaculate a lot of liquid when killed fill you with disgust and a few other film series have devalued ET theories in such a horrendous manner. I don't understand how people digest those low-life portrayals, when some of the stories like 2001: A Space Odyssey could so beautifully tell  about ET and humanity. It's not that I favor one over the other. I don't suggest that life forms, less evolved than us, are any less likely to exist, on other planets, than some super evolved beings. I only want to honestly admit that I love to see more evolved beings on big and small screens, in form of ETs than otherwise. The way they are shown does matter a lot.

Men in Black is good to watch if you like humour, action and Science-fiction. Will Smith is his normal self in this movie. Some action sequences are mind boggling, but since I had watched The Avengers very recently, they don't affect me much. The story starts becoming intriguing towards the climax and a few twists are worth the ride to cinema hall. Time Travel, Alien Invasion and Laser Guns are nothing new to watch; script is rotten and there is no great thrill in action if you have watched a great action movie recently.