Sunday, 15 April 2012

Software Engineer is Best Job in America!

Are software professionals very happy about their job? Is their job best out of all? I spoke to some of them in India and found that it's not so. What makes it easy? Work environment? Not really. Work environment is like burning fire when there is work and something like killing boredom when there is no work and it's sheer unpredictability of the work load which makes it a very peculiar kind of job. It does save your mind from getting as much dust as some others don't, but on the other hand, hyperactivity and stress at the crunch times is enough to kill any healthy human being, if it continues for enough long.

In a recent survey by CareerCast, a company  in USA, software engineer is top ranked job overall. Factors taken into account were:

1. Stress.
2. Physical Demands.
3. Work Environment.
4. Income.
5. Hiring Outlook.

It's not surprising that job of news reporter is ranked lowest at 196, immdeiately before that of dairy farmer in the list of 200 jobs, because of very few really good opportunities as media is switching to electronics by an unprecedented rate.

Here you have an interesting article on this news.

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