Friday, 6 April 2012

Prison Break: Final Season

Fourth and final season does much to alleviate the suffering which was caused by the third season. Dominic Purcell is given a new lease of life with some better chances to think and act in this season and he improves, surprisingly, still I fail to appreciate his performance.Miller continues to steal the limelight. The General, who used to be mysterious, illuminatus, untouchable, becomes a pussy-cat in this season as episodes unfold.

This season further reinforces the family-drama type twists. The out-of-nowhere recall of mother of protagonist, who was considered long dead, accompanies shift of focus from The General to her and twists become quite predictable. It ends on a positive note and apparently Michael, who defeated almost everyone succumbs to death.

I must say that Prison Break is a monster of a thriller and it's more addictive than alcohol, caffeine or nicotine!