Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Are Less Powerful People More Corrupt?

Least powerful people cannot be too corrupt because their corruption is easily caught whereas the most powerful keep on misusing power for enough long or perhaps forever.

An interlocutor who thinks that people with little power are more corrupt wrote:

I was walking through a local store a while back and saw a grandmotherly and motherly type pushing a baby carriage through the ailses. I looked in past the swadling blankets and saw - not a baby, but groceries. This is a common enough occurrence that I've overheard clerks in another store saying about people pulling the same scam, "We're going to call the cops this time." Can you imagine someone like Pratibha Patil even attempting this, let alone getting off with a warning the first few times?

Example is amusing. First: Pratibha Patil doesn't enjoy much power. She is merely a representative of a title which has no power with it, because Indian presidents, unlike USA presidents, are there, merely for a show and they don't do much. They are elected, they serve their term and then part away, silently. Prime ministers on the other hand have great deal of power and there has been a history of misuse of such power in India.

One late Prime Minister of India has set an example of great abuse of power. He was charged heavily in a scam,  and even today, people say that the account with biggest sum in Swiss bank is in his name and this black money is enough to let India have tax-free time for at least next 20 years! [ These claims do have some substantiality because a statement officially released on behalf of Swiss bank confirmed it.]

So, this PM would not be found walking in a store, attempting to steal a ' Johnson & Johnson Baby Sahmpoo,' because he can have deals that matter under the table and behind the scenes. No poor man can steal bread from millions of children! You're right, powerful people cannot attempt these small feets, therefore, they attempt big things.