Saturday, 3 March 2012

There Is No Context

Be watchful of your thought process (But don't must be watchful; come on now, I am not man on a mission.) If you find too many 'We must' and 'We Should' in your rants, what exactly is happening is: In spite of your meticulous observations and mind stuff, you're getting attached to it and you're superimposing your ideas on others.

In other words: No matter how exalted my knowledge is (in my opinion), no matter how perceptive I am, if I am attached to it and I am unable to see viewpoints of others; I am a mediocre person.

More than that: I really doubt statistics which are published in newspapers, where researches-keep changing directions in the time span as little as the time in which a butterfly flaps its wings. I doubt about Greenhouse effect. I read recently that a researcher claimed that the earth is in fact getting more and more cold. Many people say that it's indeed Illuminati who controls media and hence these researches are all twisted. There is much superior Science, already developed in their opinion, being used by elite and only as much is released for common masses ( people like me and you) as they can take.

Most of us have no meaning in life and if we only contemplate, there is no meaning inherent in existence. What we do is, we invent our meanings, we find the causes to live and die for and then, we start feeling that we belong and we start playing martyrs for the causes and then we start thinking that we are doing something 'sacred' and then we want others to join this exaltedness of ours and those who don't join it are horsewhipped and ostracized because we find many people with similar ideas and we make groups (aren't we homo-sapiens!)What we don't realize is: These are just thoughts and we're in grip of them. There is nothing ideal which suits to one and all.