Saturday, 31 March 2012

Information Blockage

Any system which has free flow of information inside it, as well as, participates in a feedback loop which includes its surroundings, sustains. Feedback loop is important for systems of any type including human systems. A robust feedback loop helps sustenance and swift improvement in any dynamic structure. Information blockage causes the weakening and if continued for enough long, then, death of a system.

Information blockage might primarily happen in two ways in humans. First, within a group, certain humans might not be privy to the information to which others are. This happens all the time and when it reaches to its threshold the subject is thrown out of the group. Second type of information blockage is all pervading. It's what you call 'Maya'. It's because of the instrument of perception in humans. You don't see what is out there but rather what you want to see. This selective bias causes much of suffering. Suffering is also caused by the first type of information blockage mentioned up-thread. Both of these types cause suffering and if they cause any soothing at all, it's temporary. 

Take an angry person for example--he is so short tempered that none of his friends dare to reach him to tell him the truth about his good or bad qualities. He is fed with artificial information about himself and situations. The result is that he day by day starts getting it darker around him. In the darkness of ignorance he wakes up and in this very darkness he eats, sleeps and works. Even his closest friends and family members are afraid of speaking Truth to him because they don't know when they would have to face sudden outburst of anger for apparently no reason. Such a man dies a death in darkness and is reborn in darkness. Tamoguna causes anger and anger breeds more and more ignorance. This is the example for Maya which causes the information blockage.