Tuesday, 20 March 2012

First Day of Spring Google Doodle!

Today's Google-doodle is awesome!I just love it. I love the colors and it seems like a kid has done it with dilligence but it's the artist who is child-like!

Like a good cyberloafer I observed following in this doodle:

1. A big flower of dark blue color.

2. Another flower of maroon color with white dots on it.

3. A yellow colored bird with black beak. 

4. Two butterflies of light blue color.

5. A cargo truck of green color with yellow-red colored wheels and green colored goods on it.

6. A maroon colored fragile giraffe with legs longer than its neck!

This design was done by Marimekko. I could understand most of it except significance of this green truck. Anyone who understands it, please let me also get enlightened.