Friday, 24 February 2012

A Very Long Engagement

It's a great movie. It's a mystery based on a most intense romantic drama in settings of Second World War in Europe. The movie has great and at times lurid action sequences, followed by passionate romantic vignettes and some of the most vivid and beautiful colours. Mathilde (Audory Tauto) is in search of her fiancé, love of her life, who left for war but never came back. Once this search is set in motion, you see dazzling layers of mystery getting uncovered, one after another giving accounts of what actually happened to her lover from the viewpoints of a number of characters related to the events in which he disappeared. The movie has a very appealing sound track.

This is a tale of true love, imbrued with the hope of a girl and it has been told in a most intriguing manner. A few characters seem so familiar to you, as if they have been directly assimilated into this story from other European movies based on world war. The Notre Dame, Tina Lombardi and a few others look like familiar names. Tina Lombardi is most dangerous character in the movie, hell-bent on killing each and every person responsible for his lover's tragic death.

Without any doubt, Mathilde is most comely, impressive and jovial character in the story. Her love does not let her rest before she uncovers the truth. Finally as she sits before her fiancé, who has forgotten everything owing to amnesia, she smiles and the narrator says:

"Mathilde leans back
against her chair,

folds her hands in her lap
and looks at him.

In the sweetness of the air,
in the light of the garden,

Mathilde looks at him.

She looks at him...

She looks at him..."

Thus the movie ends on a very positive note.