Friday, 10 February 2012

Valentine Day Parade

Valentine's Day is celebrated in India, but with its share of melodrama. Some groups have this in their bibles that they would go to heaven, would get ascension, and would be remembered as patriots or true Indians, only and only if they create hubbub opposing couples on this day. Their mission statement is to a create terror, anarchy and fanatic dance on Valentine Day.

If you are by any chance found roaming in a park with your friend, girlfriend, wife, cousin, sibling; you get a whole package of treatment from such fanatics. They would be in a group of ten or twenty and they might humiliate you, beat you up and ultimately force you two to marry each other then and there. This is their Law. Their advocates say “This tradition of Valentine’s Day is against our culture; therefore it's our duty and religion to ensure that couples refrain from indulging into its celebrations!" Who are these advocates? They are a bunch of fanatics who have no independent thinking, who think that they're the only people living in the country.

This trend on Valentine Day is not only tragic but also against basic freedom which is given to everyone in India as a citizen of India. Why do such dogmatic groups forget that this country is a secular country home to plethora of people from many religions, castes, creeds and ethnicities? The drama is so exaggerated these days in some remote areas that these fanatics have made siblings marry each other on Valentine Day under compulsion. No matter how much those siblings tried to justify that they were siblings and not lovers, these people forced them marry each other.

That is such an on-its-face-mocking of democracy of India. Why can you not roam in a park or in a market with your sister or friend or girlfriend on Valentine's Day? Which law states that you should be in possession of a marriage certificate before you can dare have a walk in a park in your town with your friend on Valentine’s Day? What is so exalted about pseudo-advocates of culture who insist that others should not celebrate a festival of love? It's really beyond my understanding. But as said in another post the meme of Fanaticism is beyond my comprehension.