Thursday, 16 February 2012

Problem with Dynamic Views in Google Blogger

At times you find that your blog URL would convert into ***.xx (where 'xx' stands for the internet country code) from ***.com and along with that the symbols of 'pencil' and 'home' would disappear, which means that you cannot access, either dashborad or the create post options. Below shown is the image for scenario 1 where you can clearly see the symbols of 'pencil' and 'home' and URL also shows ***.com.

Now see the image shown below. It's apparent that URL has changed ( and it does so randomly and on its own or by a subtle law of which I have no awareness) and so has the bar just above the posts. You cannot see options for creating a post or managing other posts. It becomes difficult to search and get hold of them again!

Moreover, you cannot see a well structured Menu in many of the dynamic views. Dynamic views are fast to access but there is no HTML editor available for the templates, making it difficult for you to add any gadget unless it's accessible through Google Blogger's 'add gadget' property.

Unlike classic Google Blogger's post editor, you don't get keywords suggestion for your posts. You have list of labels from your older posts instead. You don't have an option of sharing posts on Facebook in the Dynamic Views, however you can just like it. I think some of the functionality has been removed as a trade-off with excellent speed of access to the entirety of blogs provided by these templates. Now preview has also been disabled.

If you to edit a post after having published it, you're very likely to get it updated directly on blog but no preview is provided.